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    Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Area Music

    If this helps any, I know they played the Aerosmith songs "Sweet emotion and Rag doll" when I was down there a year ago.
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    Epcot/Innoventions area music

    Its not Papillon I alread have that one, so it must be one of the 2 by Russell Brower I have a feeling its the Future World Theme. Oh and on the Cd game its in the Future world part of epcot, it plays after you hear the old 80's entrence song. You can also hear the song when you go inot the...
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    Epcot/Innoventions area music

    I think its the newest area music and you can hear it around future world and in the inoventions area, espcially around the electric umbrella lunch tables. Actually you can hear part of the song when you play the old disney CD rom explorer game, its the 2nd song they play after the old entrence...