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    Is There a Soundtrack of Cinderella with Brandy?

    I was thinking about this today, is there a soundtrack to the TV movie Cinderella staring Brandy?
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    Audio Glitch in TLM Broadway Cast Recording?

    Audio glitch in TLM Broadway Cast Recording?? I got the CD yesterday at Walmart and had ripped it and was listening to it in my iTunes when I realised during "Part of Your World" [Reprise] towards the end right before she goes into her last "world" where she crescendo's there is a slight audio...
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    Hocus Pocus Soundtrack?

    Hello everyone... I have a general question... I was wondering if there was a soundtrack released for Hosuc Pocus? I know there is a promo only soundtrack of the score that I was finally able to download online, there is a copy on ebay right now but it is going for well over $300!. Anyway.. I...