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    The rabbit come home to Disney

    I wonder if they will release it in the next wave of the Disney Treasures. It would probably do well since I'm sure some of these haven't been seen in quite a while. I wonder how Al Michaels feels about being traded for a 'toon. ;D
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    Disneyland shows & parades

    I know this is a long shot... but after reading this and the other parade and shows thread I was wondering if anybody knows of a site that would have a list of all the parades (and/or shows) that have been shown throughout the years. A lot of these I've never heard of. Then there are other...
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    Disney's Animal Kingdom Music Loops

    Or you could go here...
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    Are you kidding me???

    As we'll see in what photo? ;)
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    Destiny and Mission Space

    dkrfla, this track is played when you get off the ride as you walk toward space race. I heard the song before I went on my trip in December and remember hearing it as you leave the centrifuge.
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    2004 TDL Halloween Song

    I have no idea where to buy it, but it is currently playing on mouseinfo radio on live365 if you'd like to hear it.