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    New BGM WDW Tomorrowland

    Just uploaded another segment. (It takes forever!)
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    Buena Vista Radio - Live 365

    When you click "buy" it just does a search for whatever is entered for that song in the "album" field. Since much of the music is not from any particular album, this may not be very helpful. I try to enter all the info I have on the song (artist, where it's played, etc) in the player window, so...
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    New BGM WDW Tomorrowland

    I went back and listened to the "Space" sequence of Spaceship Earth, and the melody is the same as what I believe we're calling track 13. I agree that many unknown tracks are just bridge music. The "track" between "Great Big..." and "Now is the Time" is a good example. I think this original...
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    Home on the Range Soundtrack Release Date...

    FYI: The yodeling in the movie is performed by Kerry Christensen (, who used to perform at Epcot's Germany pavilion.
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    New BGM WDW Tomorrowland

    That FTP is
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    New BGM WDW Tomorrowland

    I got it from one of those usual places...the alt.binaries.multimedia.disney site. The loop is about 40 minutes if I remember right. There's a Disney FTP I have bookmarked, and I'll try and post it there and post the link here. You guys probably already know where it is! In the meantime, I've...
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    The Industry Standard in Audio Editing Programs? (Sorta OT)

    I've been a long-time user of Cool Edit at work and home, and found it to be helpful and easy to use. Converts wav to mp3 and back in a multitude of bitrates, mono and stereo. Four-track editor is sufficieint for most editing needs. Sadly, where you could download a basic version of Cool Edit...
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    Brother Bear CD

    I also found the CD pretty disappointing. Disney soundtracks are at their best when they follow the theme of the setting...capturing the cultural flavor in the music. Brother Bear gave it opportunities, but Phil apparently decided to go with the pop music cookie-cutter approach to songwriting...
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    ALL Disney fans MUST read this!!!

    To be more clear, I was referring to this: I ask him if he knows why he's so into Disney. "Uh, no," he says. "I've been doing it so long, it defines me. I tried to figure that out. I just ended up with no answers..." "It would be nice to know why I love Disney, he says. "Because I could use...
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    ALL Disney fans MUST read this!!!

    The saddest part of the article - besides the "I'm not gay" comment (not that there's anything wrong with that ;) ) - is the guy could not give an answer to why his entire life was a Disney obsession. Pitiful.