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  1. angiehashemi

    Musings on Mickey Mouse

    I thought some of you might like this article. A local college (Virginia Wesleyan College) taught a short winter term course on Walt Disney. I hope this link gets you to the article. I wish I could have taken the class. It sounds like it would have been very interesting. Musings on the Mouse...
  2. angiehashemi

    Walt Disney Treasures Uncovered

    A friend of my husband's knows I love Disney stuff and sent this article to me. It was about the D23 Expo that took place last year and the article is from back in September of 2009, but I thought some of you might like to see it anyway. Blowing the Pixie Dust Off Disney’s Archives
  3. angiehashemi

    Haunted Mansion Holiday CD Versions

    I have a question about the Haunted Mansion Holiday CD. I have a HMH CD that is actually an import from Japan with a catalog number of AVCW-12466 (AVCX-12466). It has the Scarols and the ride-thru from Disneyland. If I am correct, my understanding is that this is basically a re-print of the...
  4. angiehashemi

    Orlando Sentinel Video

    My memory is going, but I thought someone here might remember this. I believe I recall a post that mentioend a video that was on the Orlando Sentinel page that you could send a link to someone and include their name and it basically sounds like they are closing the WDW park just to celebrate...
  5. angiehashemi

    Disney Music at Inauguration?

    I am in the US and I was watching the coverage of the Inauguration today. I noticed a couple of times that there was music playing that I recognized from the Illuminations show in Epcot. I don't know if it was ABC that was playing it. I was watching my local affiliate for ABC and I heard it a...
  6. angiehashemi

    Disney Music by the VA Symphony

    I just wanted to tell you all about the wonderful concert I attended on Saturday. The Virginia Symphony performed "The Magical Music of Walt Disney." They performed a short concert (about one hour) on Saturday afternoon and a longer concert on Saturday night. My husband and I attended the short...
  7. angiehashemi

    Nightmare Before Christmas on DVD

    I just bought the new release of The Nightmare Before Christmas on DVD. I know that some of you will "boo" me about this, but I have never really gotten into this movie before. Of course, I had never seen it, but it just looked and sounded very weird to me. I mainly bought the DVD because it has...
  8. angiehashemi

    Author banned from parks?

    I know this isn't music related, but I also know that members here have their finger on the pulse of all things disney. A friend of mine told me that she heard there was an author of a disney related guide (she wasn't sure if it was a written or an audio type of guide) was banned from the...
  9. angiehashemi

    Small World and Small World Holiday CD Questions

    I was wondering if anyone could answer a question for me about these two CD's: It's a Small World (2000) Walt Disney Records 60040-7 and It's a Small World Holiday (1999) Walt Disney Records 60036-7? I know that the song "It's A Small World" is included on many of the OA CD's and on the "A...
  10. angiehashemi

    Wonderland LP/CD List

    I have bought several soundtracks of Disney movies and some compilation CD's ever since I was a child. I have just started collecting a lot more Disney music within the last year. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a list of the LP's and/or CD's that were produced through the...
  11. angiehashemi

    Disneyland resort Remeber the Moments 2 CD Set

    I was wondering if anyone has a copy of the newest 2 CD set from the Disneyland Resort called "Remember the Moments." I am trying to compare the tracks of this set to a few other CD's that I currently have. I am trying to decide if I want to buy this CD set in addition to the other CD's I have...
  12. angiehashemi

    Updated iTunes Disney Archives list

    I found the previous post when I was looking for information about disney tracks available on Itunes. Does anyone know if this is still correct and if there have been any additions to tracks available on Itunes since then? I know we are waiting for some updates coming in June, hopefully...
  13. angiehashemi

    Disney Music Information

    Hello All, I am new at this. I joined just a few months ago. I never knew anything like this existed until I started to looking for disney cd's on the web and ran acrossed this site. The information I have learned from this website has been invaluable to my new collection habit, Disney park...
  14. angiehashemi

    Disney Park Music

    I have just signed up for this forum. I have recently started collecting Disney Park music. I have several movie soundtracks, but got interested in park music during my last trip and I am planning a trip to WDW in late April. I intend to get some more park exclusive CD's and I wanted to visit...