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    "When She Loved Me" Used in Daughter's Wedding

    Re: "When She Loved Me" Used in Daughter's Wedding Thanks for sharing the story, Mike! It choked me up.... Yes, I love that song, and that portion of "Toy Story 2." The image of Jesse's comforted smile that we see two times during that song are quite touching. Add to that is the fact that my...
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    iTunes Wish List - Soundtracks/Vintage Disneyland LP's

    Re: Itunes Wish List - Soundtracks/ Vintage Disneyland LP's I believe Peter Ellenshaw (matte artist, special effects) sang the ram's part.
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    What are Your Favorite Vintage Disneyland LPs?

    Re: What are your favorite vintage Disneyland LP's? Hear, hear!! I second that!! I'm glad that her three "Corky and the White Shadow" songs and the "Alice in Wonderland" album are available on iTunes. True, I've liked Annette Funicello very much, but when I grew up watching the '70s reruns of...
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    Classic Disney shows to be offered on the internet

    Yes, I found this out yesterday. This is GREAT NEWS to me! I'm a fan of classic Disney live-action and animated fare, and would like very much to have more than what's been released on DVD, like seasons of the original Mickey Mouse Club, Disney serials, etc. And I'm not a baby boomer who longs...
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    Paul J. Smith scores -- MORE PLEASE!!

    It would be nice to get his "Pollyanna" arrangements, too! By the way, you can purchase his "Secrets of Life" music on iTunes:
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    OT: Next Wave of Walt Disney Treasures

    Or, save all of those Disney Reward Points!!!! "Zorro, Season One" was the first item I redeemed, and I've been going after the other Disney DVDs available through this program, most of which indeed are otherwise available only through the Disney Movie Club. = = = = = = = = = Regarding the...
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    From Randy: New iTunes Titles are Here!

    Re: From Randy: New iTunes Titles are here! Here's the soundtrack album to "Lady and the Tramp:" I don't know why it's so hard to find some of the special Disney music on iTunes..... :-
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    From Randy: New iTunes Titles are Here!

    Re: From Randy: New iTunes Titles are here! Lots to be happy about! Thanks, Randy. I really like the "Annette Sings Anka" -- it wasn't one I had been excited about. NOW, if Disney would release "Westward Ho the Wagons" on DVD!
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    From Randy: New iTunes Titles are Here!

    Re: From Randy: New iTunes Titles are here! Strange, it's about 10:30 am Eastern Time as I'm writing this.... I can't find "20,000 Leagues," "Westward Ho, the Wagons" or "Meet Me Down on Main Street" in iTunes. I figured the Tuesday iTunes releases would take place when the business day begins...
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    From Randy: New iTunes Titles are Here!

    Re: From Randy: New iTunes Titles are here! Thanks very much, Randy!!! I'm glad the products continue to come! (and you've seen our wish list, right? Ha! Ha!) ;D
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    i tunes

    Bravo on your discourse on the Disney movie/television release dilemma!!! HOW can new generations discover all of the gems -- sparkling, and not-so-sparkling -- of the Disney library if Disney doesn't broadcast them and/or release them on consumable media? There are shows *I* haven't even seen...
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    OT Disney Live Action DVDs

    I've got an excellent VHS tape of "So Dear to My Heart," thankfully.
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    OT Disney Live Action DVDs

    I've thought similarly over the years: if the newer generations are never exposed to the classic Disney library of show, eventually, the market will dry up. So sad.... A few years ago, there had been a fan-produced site celebrating "Dr. Syn, Alias the Scarecrow." The site owner had lots of...
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    The Wonderful World of David Oneal

    Re: Extinct Attractions Question The Disney Archives has even received some of Dave's DVDs into their archives. Photo gallery of visit: (I think the box in her hand are the DVDs on their way to their Disney destination.) Podcast...
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    Message from Randy about next wave of iTunes

    I, too, enjoyed "Date Night at Disneyland" from the Disneyland 50 years compilation, and had hoped to buy it from the Wonderland Music system. Hooray! It's coming on iTunes. "Deep in the Heart..." is a great album, and I'm looking forward to some of these other titles. I was thinking that...
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    OT: Skip the Robinsons

    I watched the 3D format of the film. I was thankful the option was available to me. Now, I had seen movie trailers since last summer, and I had no great enthusiasm for watching it. My wife and I took our two daughters -- ages 10 and 8 -- and I actually enjoyed it! The 3D format was outstanding...
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    Sons of the Pioneers: Blue Shadows on the Trail

    I'd imagine it's not the original Disney track, but you can get a Sons of the Pioneers recording of "Blue Shadows on the Trail' on iTunes:
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    March ITunes List

    I second the requests, plus "Old Yeller" "Pollyanna" and "The One and Only Original Family Band " ... please!! Thanks!
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    "Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah" partial album from Sony Music Entertainment on iTunes

    I wouldn't be surprised if these two were from the original.... Thanks to all who responded. I will have to make an effort to purchase the CD.