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    New tracks in the WDW Today Loop?

    I recently returned from WDW with an audio recording of the current WDW Today Channel 19 loop. When I was going through the recording, I noticed a new track that I'd never heard before that suddenly started in the middle of one of the normal songs in the loop. Does anyone know anything about...
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    The Land: New interior BGM Loop Question

    Does anyone have a track listing for the new Interior BGM Loop for The Land Pavillion at Epcot? Here is what I think is in the loop: Pearl Harbor- Main Theme Some music from ET Soarin' Music and Queue Music (of course) Cora- from Last of the Mohicans I don't know any of the rest. It is a...
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    Pre-1989 Tomorrowland Area Music

    I have seen track listings for all WDW Tomorrowland Music from 1989-the Present, but has anyone seen track listings or recordings of the WDW Tomorrowland Area Music from Pre-1989? Was there area music then? I visited WDW a few times before 1989, but I was very young, and I can't remember...
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    Epcot Center Sound Spectacular

    Does anyone here know anything about the piece written for Concert Band called Epcot Center Sound Spectacular? It was arranged by John Edmonson. I found it while searching randomly at, but it is permanently out of print. I am a band director, and I would love to get my hands on...
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    The "real" Innoventions Area Loop

    I have several versions of the Innoventions Area Music Loop. One of them is 74MB and is 54 minutes long. The other one is 19:47 long. A couple weeks ago at WDW it seemed that the 19:47 loop was the one being used in the Innoventions Area, but where is the longer loop used. Does anyone have any...