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    Message from Randy about next wave of iTunes

    Is there an easy way to just bring up the new release tracks in the itunes store? I've been just searching for 'Disney' but then it brings up allsorts that are irrelevant. I would imagine there is a specific Disney page on the itunes store - is that not the case?
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    Off topic - Itunes question

    Steve, there's a free utility called itunes Library updater. Unfortunately, its a seperate program, not a plugin, so you have to run it specifically when you want it to search your folders. But nevertheless, it works really well. Here's the link: Hope it helps. Derek
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    Musical History of Disneyland Info

    It's also on the WDW 50th anniversary 2 CD box set, if you're interested.
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    Should Disney Theme Park Music Be Released on iTunes?

    True. Maybe it's just a case of dipping their toes in the water, eh?
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    Should Disney Theme Park Music Be Released on iTunes?

    Now, I know that history would dictate that Disney *may* use Apple *if* they decide to make downloadable music available - but I can't help but feeling that's a compromise, a rushed out solution, let someone else build the structure, and we'll just give it the juice. Personally, I'd much rather...
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    A Beautiful Disney Show

    Blimey - that's quite a show - a LOT of characters in there... that can't be easy to pull off!
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    Newsgroup Question

    Update: I checked with my ISP and they said they do allow binary, but they cant give any tech support on it, fair enough i thought. So I got Grabit, but all I can find is alt.binaries.multimedia.disney -not- alt.binaries.multimedia.disney.parks. Just wondered if this is normal for it to be...
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    Newsgroup Question

    OK, I'll check with them. Thanks Steve. I presume all services such as giganews are subscription based....?
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    Newsgroup Question

    Hi guys. My ISP doesn't carry alt.binaries.multimedia.disney.parks. I can only get the rec.arts.disney.parks. Can anybody reccomend a good online newsgroup reader as I find it all very confusing... (and yet IRC, I'm a wizz at!)
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    Living Seas Audio and Music

    Hey RPH. I too like the Living Seas tracks, there have been quite a few floating about such as the main theme, 'journey to seabase alpha', 'undersea life', and 'aquaculture'. Maybe searching for some of those names would dig something up? If you're able to get hold of the Epcot entrance loop...
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    I have Parade of Dreams!

    Well, unfortunately for Disney, (and fortunately for us enthusiasts!) allowing the parade CMs to take the CD home is the quickest way to get everybody up to speed with the cues. Same goes for the live action shows. And if one happens to fall into the wrong hands every now and then.... ;)
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    Wonderland Music Company is at WDW!!!!!

    Just got back couple of weeks ago, and I ended up getting Country Bear Jamboree. Its a great CD actually, got the full show (shame its not got all the holiday tracks too!) When I was at the Main Street Cinema one the CM's still didn't seem to know how to use the machines. Since reading your...
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    The Singing Harp Has Returned to Happy Valley (Long)

    I REALLY hope that this project gets the success (and longevity) it deserves. Congratulations, and thanks, Randy.
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    Philharmagic and Mission Space music

    Perhaps (since the concept is exactly the same) we'll be looking at Animagique music for Philharmagic? La la, la la la la, Philharmagic.....
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    Disneyland/DCA Esplanade questions

    I have Fantasmic Exit music on a DL OA and on the WDW Fantasmic Soundtrack, and they're exactly the same...
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    disney stores closing!

    Wow, that's sad about the 5th ave store - that was my last 'Disney' memory of my year in America... it was a pretty store. The French flagship on the Champs Elysee had a large refit just before Christmas. The merch there was nice BECAUSE it wasn't the same old park stuff - they had a nice...
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    OT Sure to upset the Disney conservatives

    My word XS-Tech, you just summed up the storyline of "Down and out in the Magic Kingdom" ;)
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    True Colors-Honey I Shrunk the Audience

    Unfortunatley, I shouldn't think we will ever see this on an OA as it's not written by Disney and is still in copyright... just a thought....
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    Downright OT Hanna-Barbera

    Off topic you say Bill? Nay, after all, Future Corps used to play the Jetsons theme in Future World, right? ;)
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    Carousel of Progress

    The Scene: INT, Will's Appartment; GRACE: "Hey Will, how about that Rumpus Room?" WILL: "Awww, Gracie, it'll never catch on." ENTER JACK, dressed as a French Maid JACK: "Imagine! It used to take two days to do the wash!" Grace enter's the bathroom, screams, WILL: Grace, what is it? UNCLE...