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    All That Brass! -- Tokyo DL and DS

    Looks like there's a sequel coming out in November. B01691XZ9Q fas fa-sync fa-spin Buy at Amazon Japan
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    Saving Disney Park Albums from Being Deleted on Wikipedia

    I know nothing about this, so I may be talking out of my posterior--how hard is it to set up a wiki? Would it be possible to create a park album wiki, perhaps associated with this site, and move the info there? I was recently lamenting the fact that Yoshi's TDR album site hadn't been updated...
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    Footlight turns out the light

    I always thought the surliness was part of the Show there (much like some people on this board). I only ever stopped in when on vacation in NY, obviously, but it was a fun place to browse through. Don't know if I ever bought much from them online, though--there were far too many other places...
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    Tarzan! The Broadway Musical Out Now!!!

    Heh...if I hadn't seen the context, I'd have assumed this was the standard review for "On the Record"...sad that this is as bad as well.
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    Climb the Mountain - on vinyl?

    This is way OT and all, and I really know nothing about this, since I have next-to-no vinyl, but...if it is just snapped in two, and not into a zillion pieces, can it be repaired? It seems like there are restoration experts for just about anything these days...just a thought...
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    Disneyland Resort Paris New Year

    Is it really straight off the soundtrack CD? For some reason, I had thought it was a different mix of things that wasn't directly available. Of course, I've had a live recording of it since this last New Year's--horrible quality, since it's just my personal video of the fireworks, but it...
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    Details about the music of HKDL

    Off the top of my head... I don't believe GBBT plays on the Main St. loop. There are a couple of places it plays "near" Main Street: - inside the Corner Cafe, which has a ragtime-y piano-y sort of loop, and - along the Fantasyland end of the parade route, which has a separate loop from that...
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    Rapunzel Unbraided

    No they wouldn't. Most of them would say "Wow, that's cool!". They wouldn't know shading or coloring if it hit them in the face. :) I don't deny that the Pixar films have a style all their own. But that's not a "CGI style"...that's a "Pixar style". Another house, like PDI or Sony or...
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    Rapunzel Unbraided

    And of course, who's to say they couldn't end up with a film that may be CG, but could still have the look of a traditional painting/hand-drawn animated film/something else entirely? The computer's just a tool, not a "style".
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    "Encore!" at Tokyo Disneyland

    *sigh* Encore! was by far my favorite show at TDR. Unfortunately, they don't allow videotaping, so I was not able to video that show while I was there. Evidently, they allowed video recording for a very brief period during park previews, so there are probably some out there, but I haven't...
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    Well, so much for my wishful thinking/hoping...there is no other CD other than the ones described here. Of course, the amusing thing is that neither of these are even sold at the park...
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    Do we know for a fact that that is the "official album"? Goodness knows they release enough bad pop covers of Disney tunes here in the US as well, but they still put out park albums. The title might just be a marketing tie-in to the new park.
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    How do your organize your theme park music?

    Sadly, I have c:/music...and then all the files in there. Pathetic, I know--I really need to sit down one of these weekends and organize the heck out of it. I'm sure I'm wasting tons of space with duplicates, inferior quality copies, etc. Plus, if someone asks if I have something, I end up...
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    El Capitan Intro Music

    I was told it was from "The Boy Who Could Fly". I've never seen that movie or heard its score myself, so I can't verify, but that's the scuttlebutt.
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    What are the top five must haves from TDL & TDS ?

    Which is the current TDL Official Album? They've done so many of them, I've lost track. I'm not even sure which is the most recent one that I have.
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    Epcot and Tommorrowland Music

    Not to prolong this, but the first thing I tried was "WDW forever track listings", and it was the first site Google returned.
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    Where's our buddy SharonKurland

    OT: TDR magazines I'm just guessing from the description, but this kinda sounds like the "Disney Resort Story" magazines that came out in 2002-3. It was a series of 30 beautifully-done magazines, and each issue had a particular theme, usually some aspect of the Tokyo parks, but some of them...
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    Help with "Carousel of Progress" please?

    Why would TDL's Cinderellabration be on a daytime history? ;) You weren't thinking of the Readymade Strings Fantasy Music Box Super Best Electone Sound Carnival version, were you? :)
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    "America the Beautiful" 1958??

    Circarama vs. CircleVision 360, correct?
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    Were these two sentences supposed to be this incongruous, or was that just a happy accident?