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    Disneyland's Music for "Magical" Fireworks Spectacular

    I tooootally agree with you! What a disaster ! When I found out about the music was recycled I went CRAZY ! I wrote a post in another website and I was so critizied that I should" wait for the final show" "that a true fan dosen't care" and what nonsense! hey I care im so through with the...
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    The Wonderful World of David Oneal

    So this site is not trustfull for buying cd's?
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    Wintertime Enchantment - Act I II & III (Winter Castle)

    Wintertime Enchantment are they available in studio version? Thanks!!!
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    Audio Glitch in TLM Broadway Cast Recording?

    Re: Audio glitch in TLM Broadway Cast Recording?? I have the CD bought it at Wal Mart and it has the same noise... how dissapointing.
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    Disneyland Music Memories Gift !

    Enjoy a special mix of shows and parades that will take you to the park! ::)
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    Castle Lighting Soundtrack

    The new song from the castle lighting at Disneyland CA. is called : "Shine" , Singer : Kellie Coffey, I know its a different version from Luminaria I read it here, but is the NEW track available somewhere? I already have the luminaria song but Im looking for the new track. Anyone willing to...
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    Disneyland Holiday CD 2007

    :DHello everyone! back from Disneyland and the CASTLE is amazing!!!!, I wished they could of played with the new ice (LED'S)lighting on the castle during the fireworks, or at the end but I guess they didn't find a way. Having new "tracks" to the Resort like the Sleeping Beauty Castle Lighting...
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    Wow Disneyland 50 cd and 52 MERCHANDISE!

    When did this pin came out? And check out the 50TH CD ! PIN CD
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    Snow White an enhanting musical Audio!

    Hello, well the best I can find of the Snow White show, that was running until last year at Disneyland was a live recording. But I would love to have a Stereo recording. Does anyone have a copy, I can exchange some rare tracks like (parade of dreams or so) Anyone has it in there collections?
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    Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade Released!

    Hello! I live in San Diego Ca. How can I buy a copy of this cd single???? I looked on some cd sites and no luck, does delivEARS have an online site? Where to call? Where to log on? THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Peter Pan/Cinderella III Soundtracks

    What happened? Are they never coming out for sale?
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    Disneyland CD Why not release this...

    Just tell me why? WHY? aren't these tracks released? Wouldn't be a "dream come true" cd? Or include these tracks on a special edition CD! 1.-Parade of Dreams (Complete Show) 2.-Snow White enchanted musical (Score) 3.-Remember Dreams Come True (Instrumental version) 4.-Remember Dreams Come True...
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    Hi there, Browsing through the internet and looking for the SNOW WHITE ENCHANTED MUSICAL SCORE, (that was never released and is no longer playing at the Disneyland Resort in Ca.) I came up with this that the composer John Mauceri held a concert in the Hollywood Bowl in 2004, that was called...
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    The Mulan Parade Auido Disneyland

    Hello, does anyone have the mulan parade from Disneyland California available? I have a track but it has terrible quality sound, any good stereo sound track from the parade available anywhere? Thanks !!! Mickey!
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    Am I the only one looking for Snow White Enchanted Musical Cd?

    Does anyone know if the Snow White musical soundtrack in Disneyland California is available somewhere online? Guess Im the only one looking for it. :-[