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    Walt Disney Treasures DVDs

    Forgive the non-music question, but I can remember these DVDs being discussed here long ago and figured someone would know the answer. I can't seem to determine if these DVDs have been rereleased and sold without the collectible tins. I am thinking of buying one or two from the earlier waves...
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    WDW Christmas Observations

    Having done a whirlwind holiday tour of the parks, I just had a few observations: * It's disappointing that they don't do the tree-lighting ceremony at Epcot anymore. The little character show was very cute. I wonder, though, if they felt it was too similar to the MK castle-lighting show in...
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    Find Stitch 2007

    Does anyone know if there is anything different about the Find Stitch 2007 CD from Tokyo Disneyland, compared with the original CD? Thanks!
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    Disney pirate tune

    Hi all, If anyone went to the Pirate & Princess Party and rode the riverboat, at the end of the VERY long story about the Jolly Roger, an incredibly fun, catchy song was played that basically told the story in a much cuter way than the narration! My friends and I were laughing so much that I...
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    Tokyo's Princess Days question

    Hi all, I remember from an earlier discussion that it was thought Cinderellabration 2006 was the same as a previous version. What about the Princess Days 2006 cd? Does anyone know if that is the same as the earlier version, too? Thanks!
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    New Tokyo CDs

    Hi guys -- I was browsing cdjapan and saw 2 upcoming CD releases -- Mickey Mania and One Man's Dream. Does anyone know if these are new compilation albums or are they rereleases of the older CDs of the same name? The only detail seems to be that they will be limited pressings. I wondered if...
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    WDW Christmas Parade

    I caught the Magic Kingdom's Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Parade, and it has a new musical section -- The princes and princes travel in their own coaches or on horseback this year, and a medley of "princess" themes and Christmas music -- including one regal-sounding fanfare I didn't recognize...
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    OT: Tokyo Space Mountain derails

    The Associated Press is reporting a rear car of one of the Space Mountain trains at Tokyo Disneyland derailed. A broken connecting part is the focus of investigators. Thankfully, although there were riders, no one was hurt (or worse). Riders were evacuated safely. The attraction, of course, is...
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    Tokyo Disneyland music questions

    Hi, everyone. I have a few questions about Tokyo Disneyland cds for those in the know... 1) Does anyone have a track listing for the nighttime entertainment 2-cd set that came out recently? 2) Does anyone have a track listing for the Ariel Seaside Treasure cd? 3) I have seen the track listing...
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    Disneyland Christmas Parade

    Hi all, I have a bunch of tracks from a Disneyland Christmas Parade, I believe from 1989. They include a weekday overture and then different segments titled by different movies. Does anyone know what order they should be in? Surely, this is not the same parade that is at Disneyland today...
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    Tokyo Disneyland Christmas CD

    I heard that the new Christmas CD from Tokyo Disneyland does not have this year's Jolly Holidays parade music on it, but rather, last year's parade music. Can anyone confirm if this is true? If it is true, why would that be?
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    Another WDW closing

    It's not recorded music, but it is a music show... The luau at the Polynesian is closing after the Christmas holidays. It will be replaced by a "Polynesian-themed show," though no one is calling the replacement a luau. I've been trying to find out if Lilo and Stitch will be making appearances...
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    Adieu to Quasimodo at Disney-MGM

    In case news has filtered out yet, thought I'd let everyone know that Disney-MGM will close the "Hunchback of Notre Dame" show next month. :'( It has always been my favorite show there, so I am a bit disappointed. I love the music from "Hunchback," and that was 1 of the few spots to hear it...
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    Disney Studios Paris CDs?

    Hi, I have lost track of whether there are plans to release a CD for DIsney Studios Paris. I know there is the Animagique single, but does anyone know about a full-length album? Thanks, Matt