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    World Showcase Plaza BGM

    Ah, the International Gateway Loop; Don Quixote and windmills, anyone? The good news is it's still in action as I spent a good 110 minutes last week listening. Unfortunately, I've nothing to add in terms of the playlist.
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    The Sherman Brothers Songbook Available on October 13

    Jay - I picked this up at the Writer's Stop in DHS. This is, by far, one of my favorite Thornton projects. The sound is fantastic, liner notes are very useful, and an excellent purchase for anyone who loves Richard and Robert's work.
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    Sassagoula Water Taxi BGM

    Thanks, everyone, for the research on this. We just returned from a week long stay at Riverside Alligator Bayou and this was on the top of my list for the group. I noticed, as have others, there's not much in terms of standard play (it varied each time).
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    WDW Railroad Narration/Loop

    Hello, Horizons - thanks for the nice welcome back. I'll start requesting in the usual places, then; thanks for the confirmation. All the best, Richard
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    WDW Railroad Narration/Loop

    Would someone be kind enough to confirm/deny the existence of a WDW Railroad narration/loop? I was looking for one the other day to synch up with photos taken but realized I didn't have one in my collection. I have quite a few DL loops but nothing for WDW other than the 'All Aboard' part of the...
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    A Bit of a Song from The Princess and The Frog?

    To me, it seemed a page straight out of Lucas' Jar Jar Binks book - bad form.
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    Looking for Rare LP

    Very good news, indeed, Randy. Thanks for clearing up the missing post; it's good to know it wasn't redlined at the last minute and can't wait to hear more about the 5th disc in the collection.
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    Wendy Carlos' Epcot Closing Music

    Scratch that - found a site where I could download track 16 and it's not the same.
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    Wendy Carlos' Epcot Closing Music

    I finally found a track listing, with times, from a site in Norway. Here it is: 1. Creation Of Tron (00:46) 2. Only Solutions (03:37) 3. We've Got Company (02:15) 4. Wormhole (02:26) 5. Ring Game And Escape (02:54) 6. Water, Music, And Tronaction (02:22) 7. Tron Scherzo (01:44) 8...
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    Wendy Carlos' Epcot Closing Music

    Doubly amusing provided it was you.
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    Wendy Carlos' Epcot Closing Music

    I have a track in my collection titled 'Epcot Center Closing Music' that runs 5'12", (128kbps / 44.1kHz for the junkies like me), attributed to Wendy Carlos. Was this just a tie-in with the movie release of TRON (1982) or part of a larger series of work Carlos did for the park?
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    France BGM

    I agree with Horizons - on my last listen there I couldn't tell of a difference between outside and in.
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    Morocco BGM

    Thanks, Wedroy; when I searched the archives before posting I didn't find the thread you referenced. Horizons; thanks for the offer but please don't record this on my behalf - there are plenty others worthy of your time.
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    Morocco BGM

    I have a 34'39" track listed as 'Morocco Area BGM Loop (Master)' that screams induction recording. Does anyone have any further information on this track?
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    iTunes 8

    He's "Sleeping with the Fishes", soon to own on Disney DVD.
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    iTunes 8

    Bill, please don't refer to my metadata with that derogatory term, thank you. Genius (oh, how I love to rip the folks at the Genius bar) is interesting. Let's just say some of the Genius playlists leave me wondering what drugs the folks in Cupertino were on when they created the algorithms but...
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    World Showcase

    Wedroy; I have these loops and am curious about your comment, "appear to correspond." The shorter of the two sounds like a low quality induction recording but I didn't seem to hear it within the greater 47'26" loop. Could you confirm? Anyway, for what it's worth, I failed to hear this playing...
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    OT: Russell Brower Freebie on iTunes

    The overture to Diablo 3 by Russell Brower and the The Eminence Symphony Orchestra is up on iTunes for free as their 'Discovery Download' for the week.
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    Walt Disney Records Partnering With Napster

    As Zarp said, the various press releases are less than specific on details but it looks like this is geared towards the Hannah Montana crowd. A similar 'radio station' is already present on iTunes. So, this might be more spreading of the Disney brand after a prior exclusivity contract between...