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    Backlot Express Area Music

    I know I'm bringing an old post back from the dead..However, recently I came back from a two week trip out at the resort and I did manage to go back to the Restaurant..They are still playing this loop of Theme songs that I mentioned before..I heard St. Elsewhere, MASH, Rockford Files, Barney...
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    Space Mountain Exit Tunnel Music

    It's an all new Starry-O-Vision track being played in The speedramp at MK..DL's hasn't played any music the last time I was there..
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    Tomorrowland Area Music [DL/WDW]

    Is the Current DL loop also the same as the one at Tokyo DL? It's interesting that it had it's own rendition of the tracks. The Loop also plays the Monorail song and also has The Timekeepers theme on it as well..Here's where I found it on Youtube..I haven't seen a full version together...
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    Finding Nemo: The Musical Queue Music

    I love listening to this loop...I just found it on Youtube in 5 parts.. While many are from the African Splendor cd. There seems to be a few tracks that I don't think are on the cd..
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    DLP Hotel TV Channel Tune?

    I can shed a light on this answer..The song is called Happy Families by Sam Fonteyn. It was also used rather frequently on the show Ren & Stimpy.
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    Journey Into Your Imagination Area Music

    There is 2 other tracks that aren't on here. I was just listening to the loop when I recorded the exterior of the pavillion on my last vacation..But it started with "One Little Spark" after that the next track was used in the 2nd Version of Journey Into YOUR Imagination which is played just as...
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    There is a Night rehersal video that was posted on Youtube of the show.
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    DHS Tower of Terror

    Disney Music has a decent listing of the BGM of TOT Also Here's Sunset Blvds Loop list
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    Pop Century Bus Loop: A First Stab

    This would be the song "Come on Get Happy" The Opening Theme song to The Partridge Family...Here's the lyrics you mention in the song "We had a dream we'd go travelin' together And spread a little lovin', then we keep moving on Something always happens whenever we're together We get a happy...
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    DisneyQuest Venture Port Loop

    I know what you mean..And I can understand why... But, I did find that on the upper levels over by ExtraTerroestrial Invasion by the the bathrooms and stairwell you can hear the music fairly well. I asked a CM If they knew anything and all they said to me was..."Well it's classic Disney songs...
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    DisneyQuest Venture Port Loop

    The only good place to hear is...Believe it or not..By The bathrooms on the top floor by Invasion! An ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter. Seems like everytime I've been in that bathroom no one knows it exisist.:lol:
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    DisneyQuest Venture Port Loop

    I've been wondering about this loop for a Looooong time. This is the music that plays mostly when you step foot into the central hub of DisneyQuest known as Venture Port and on the other floors of the Central hub, Food Quest, Seating areas and in the bathrooms as well. The instrumental version...
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    Backlot Express Area Music

    Does anyone know of a complete list of TV Theme Songs that play within Backlot Express? I know the Commisary Lane loop is different to this one since it has the themes from all the shows that aired on ABC. Whereas the Backlot Express loop has themes to MASH, Coach, Newhart, and two that still...