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    Beauty and the Beast DVD

    What are the music related bonus features on the B&B DVD like? What do they show from the Broadway version? I'm sooo curious to see them, but I still have to wait a few weeks for the R2 version...
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    Hunchback of Notre Dame musical

    Does anyone know what is going to happen to the Hunchback musical since its run in Germany ends? Is the TV version going to be made or was it just a rumour? Just wondering since I haven't heard anything recenly...
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    DJ Stitch

    I found this strange promotional website, which describes Stitch as a DJ... It even has a link to an Elvis song "remixed by Stitch". It's kinda cool, but it made me wonder. Are there going to be Elvis songs, Elvis covers (the Wynonna one) and Elvis REMIXES on the...
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    Trent, how do I get rid of the globe?

    I have no web site link in my profile, but still the globe icon (with an empty link) pops out in each of my posts. How can I delete it?