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    Check his profile to see when he logged in last to answer your question: December 12, 2008, 03:04:21 PM
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    I'm guessing this is in response to the new ownership of the site. Pity he had to "Yage".
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    Visions Fantastic

    All of the stuff on VF Radio can be found if one knows where to look. Is there any one source? Nope. IRC, Newsgroups and P2P would be the places to start. I'd love more than anything to be able to share it like "in the old days", but unfortunately that's not an option anymore.
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    It's back. There were some server issues but it's back now.
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    Free MP3 Editing Software?

    Re: Need help, free MP3 editing software? SoundForge is a good program, but as you said, it only supports WAV. However, there is a free utility called CDex that easily and quickly converts MP3 to WAV. (And it rips CDs to WAV, MP3 too). I prefer editing in WAV anyway and I'm still using an 'old...
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    Someone posing as Rick McKee

    Hey Rick, So sorry to hear that somebody has done this to you. Have you contacted Trent (the webmaster here) about the problem? He should have the means to block the IP address of this person and perhaps we can make sure they don't participate elsewhere. I'm more than willing to offer my...
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    OT: help with internet radio stations

    Hi Chuck, Since you have a fairly consistant problem across the board, I'm guessing it's a slow internet connection. The actual speed of your modem varies depending on the quality of your phone lines and service. It sounds like there just isn't enough speed to play the streams without having to...
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    Climb the Mountain - on vinyl?

    I'm sure it COULD be repaired with glue or epoxy, but you'd always have an obvious flaw (skip), not to mention damage to the stylus from playing such a disc. Usually just a crack in the record will play properly (with obvious pops and skips), but if the disc has completely broken into two...
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    The Lord's been good to me

    "The Lord is Good to Me" was featured on the album "The Music of Disney: A Legacy in Song" from 1992 (track 16). You can likely find this album on Ebay, or let me know and we can probably arrange something.
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    Plug: 1313 South Harbor Blvd. Disneyland Audio Site

    In this case, a leach would be somebody that downloads every bit of material available for download without any regard for bandwidth usage or other resource-hogging. Typically they will try to download multiple things at once and create delays on the host site. There are automated leaching...
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    Plug: 1313 South Harbor Blvd. Disneyland Audio Site

    Re:Plug: 1616 South Harbor Blvd. Disneyland Audio Site In your haste you posted the incorrect name and URL for the website. The name is 1313 South Harbor Blvd (Disneyland's address) and the site can be found at Please use care when downloading from here and don't...
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    Tarzan Rocks

    That link has been updated and should work for you now. -Chris
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    'Mermaid' men back in Dis net

    Trent, since Mr. Cook is going to probably be mentioned quite a bit, can we remove his first name from the censor filter?
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    Tarzan Rocks

    For fans of the show, you may enjoy this video we released yesterday on Visions Fantastic. It's the entire show and it's been shot from several angles. It's a bit of a monster download (70+ megs) but well worth it!;postcount=1 You need to be a...
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    Disney Music Convention November 2006

    I'm bumping this thread because I think some of us are waiting for updates on this event (has a date and definte location been set?). My website ( is eager to promote/advertise the event as needed, and I'm even willing to host/build a website for it on one of my dedicated...
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    If you could choose ONE unreleased Disney song to get on CD for Christmas...

    That's easy. Captain EO (Disneyland) pre-show music.
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    OT: Surround Sound Question

    I doubt there are any free programs out there that do this (I supposed a program like Adobe Audition might). A 'poor mans' way might be to take a surround sound reciever, run the mix into it, and take the mono center channel output and run it into your computer's sound card.
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    Snow White enchanted musical CD on sale?

    It doesn't make much sense since Snow White: An Enchanting Musical is on hiatus until Summer '06. However, you can watch a really nice multi-shot edited video of Snow White: An Enchanting Musical at
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    OT (sorta) Light Magic Video

    XS, it looks like Danny was trying to reply to Nightmare Tony's post. The Fantasmic soundtrack does feature the MSEP, not Light Magic as Nightmare Tony suggested.