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  1. mmmfan

    Story About Epcot Composer Russell Brower

    Here's a short story about the composer of the Innoventions loop: http://thedisneyblog...russell-brower/
  2. mmmfan

    Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary CD

    Hello everyone. Does anyone know if DL Paris will release a CD of the music from the 20th anniversary parade and fireworks ("disney dreams")?
  3. mmmfan

    Disneyland's New "Soundsational" Parade

    Here's some info about Disneyland's new parade: Sayre Wiseman, director of show production of Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Entertainment, gave an overview of the parade during the presentation: Mickey Mouse drum float: Mickey will be on a float, pounding on a drum. The float will be...
  4. mmmfan

    "A Model Day at Epcot" Video

    Disney has posted another video. This time it's about Epcot. Many don't like the music. A Model Day at Epcot — Exclusive Disney Parks Tilt-Shift Video
  5. mmmfan

    "Joy to the Small World" Video

    Here's a great new video by Disney to celebrate the holidays. :lol:
  6. mmmfan

    “A Day at the Magic Kingdom Park” Video

    In honor of WDW's birthday, Disney posted this video: A Model Day at Disney Parks – Exclusive Tilt-Shift Video Featuring Magic Kingdom Thought others might like to see it. It's really good. :lol:
  7. mmmfan

    Disneyland's Pixie Hollow Enchantment Show

    Anyone know anything about the music for this show? Was it composed for this show,or is it from a movie soundtrack? Sounds like "Light Magic".Any info appreciated.
  8. mmmfan

    Premium Membership

    Just wondering about the premium membership mentioned in all the posts from "Stitch." Can't seem to find any info on the site. Thanks for your help.
  9. mmmfan

    Question for Disney Newsgroup Users

    OT: Question for disney newsgroup users Hi. My ISP is dropping all disney binary newsgroups. :D Could anyone recommend a news provider that has the disney groups? Thanks.
  10. mmmfan

    Disneyland Castle Lighting

    Here is video of Sleeping Beauty's Winter Castle Lighting: Music is from "Luminaria". Lyrics are new.They asked Kellie Coffey to do vocals again. :)
  11. mmmfan

    New Film Uses Illuminations Music

    New film uses "Illuminations" music Disney has produced a short film to welcome visitors to America. It uses Greenaway's score from Illuminations-Reflections of Earth. It is a brand new arrangement. Anyone know how to remove the audio and make an mp3 of this music. It really sounds great...
  12. mmmfan

    Pirates Fireworks Show

    Last year,I posted a link to a haunted mansion fireworks show.Well,they created a new one which is themed to "Pirates"(the movie not the ride).It's a fireworks display comprised completely of consumer level fireworks (like they sell at road side stands).Once again they won the Pyrotechnics Guild...
  13. mmmfan

    New song from Peter Pan DVD

    Here's video of the new song "Neverland".It will be on the new Peter Pan DVD.
  14. mmmfan

    New Parade and Fireworks at WDW

    Just wondering what everyone thinks about the new parade and fireworks at Magic Kingdom's "Pirate and Princess" Party.I enjoyed this fireworks show.I thought it was clever to recreate the "pink vs. blue" arguement from "Sleeping Beauty".Here are the videos from
  15. mmmfan

    Haunted Mansion fireworks show

    Thought that some of you might enjoy this.It's a fireworks display comprised completely of consumer level fireworks (like they sell at road side stands) choreographed to a Haunted Mansion Theme. Display won the Pyrotechnics Guild International competition.
  16. mmmfan

    Link to article about Disney music

    For those who haven't seen it,here's a great article about Disney theme park music. :)
  17. mmmfan

    Happy 2006! Rose Parade and HKDL song

    Just saw the 2006 Rose Parade.Disney had a great float featuring all the castles from the theme parks around the world.They also had fireworks and the US debut of the song written for Hong Kong Disneyland. Was wondering what everyone thought of this.Happy New Year to everyone. :)
  18. mmmfan

    Another music change at Epcot

    This is from The Living Seas is expected to open November 23rd with the new Sea Base section complete. The new attraction will not be complete until mid-year 2006. The new Sea Base includes a brand new entrance (The Hydrolators are gone) as well as Nemo theming through out the...
  19. mmmfan

    Haunted Mansion podcast

    Happy Halloween to everyone.Here's a link to a great podcast all about the haunted mansion: It's podcast show #15. There are some interviews and unreleased audio.
  20. mmmfan

    New addition to Epcot entrance loop

    Looks like they've added " Soarin' " to Epcot's entrance music.