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    iQuiz on iTunes - a customizable (kinda) Disney music trivia game

    Hey gang, I was checking out the new releases in iTunes today (lol - YES - to look for any new Randy Thorton produced tracks!) and saw that there is a new game for the iPod called iQuiz. I pretty much thought it was just gonna be trivia - which would have been enough for me. It's...
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    Disneymania 5 Tracklisting

    I've been looking for the tracklisting for awhile now, and finally found it 1. Part Of Your World - Miley Cyrus 2. Two Worlds - Corbin Bleu 3. So This Is Love - The Cheetah Girls 4. I Wan'na Be Like You - Jonas Brothers 5. When She Loved Me - Jordan Pruitt 6. Kiss The Girl -...
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    Still need "A Musical History of Disneyland"? RUN to Costco!

    I'm not one who normally waits to get big new releases that I want, but for some reason I held off on "A Musical History of Disneyland". Being more of a Walt Disney WORLD fan i wasn't sure if I'd really get into music from Disneyland. Man, am I glad that I did wait! Today I went to Costco to...
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    Can you help me with info about CD's from Disney World?

    Can anyone give me information about the CD's that are available at Walt Disney World? I'm specifically interested in the CD burning kiosks where you can get CD's of the old out of print albums. Is there a list online of what's available in the parks, and is there a way to order them online...
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    'Brother Bear' Best Buy Exclusive track?

    In Sunday's newspaper the Bet Buy flyer advertised the Brother Bear sountrack as having an exclusve 'Best Buy only' track. Does anyone know what this track is? Thanks!
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    Why do BBMak perform 'Always Know Where You Are' instead of John Rzeznik?

    On the Treasure Planet CD, the end credits song 'Always Know Where You Are' is performed by BBMak instead of John Rzeznik, even though the John Rzeznik version is used in the movie. Does anyone know why this is? I like the BBMak version but would prefer to have the version that is actually...
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    As if you weren't gonna get the Lilo & Stitch DVD anyway!

    Yeah, I know - like you even need an incentive to pick up another Disney DVD, but if you're 'on the fence' about getting Lilo & Stitch this may push you over. It's from the Bonus Feature listing for Lilo & Stitch on The Young Voices Of Hawaii: A behind-the scenes look at the...
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    Have you seen/heard the new Kellogg's/Disney cereal CD's?

    The three Kellogg's/Disney cereals -Buzz Blasts -Hunny B's -Mickey's Magix have a free exclusive new CD packaged in the box. The only one that my local store had was the Buzz Blasts edition. There are 3 new exclusive songs on the disc. Buzz Lightyear The Claw I Am Game The songs are written...
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    The D Show theme song

    I have the CD-Rom of 'The D Show' and absolutely LOVE the theme song. Does anyone have a copy of this or can anyone point me in the right direction of where to get it? If you're not familar with it - 'The D Show' is a trivia game (along the lines of You Don't Know Jack - but MUCH tamer!) that...
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    Dance Dance Revolution for Playstation

    Hey music lovers! I noticed that there is a game for the Playstation called Dance Dance Revolution - Disney Mix. I know the object of the game is to step on a directional arrow on a dance pad when that arrow is lit, following a certain pattern. My questions are: Does anyone have this game and...