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  1. Marko

    HP IOA Playlist

    I know that this may be a little early considering the ride opened not too long ago but does anyone know the playlist(s) for any part of the Harry Potter land in IOA? (or more specifically, HP And The Forbidden Journey queue loop) Judging from the long video Inside The Magic has on Youtube of...
  2. Marko

    New Find for TL/TK Fans!

    While searching around on Youtube I found a synthesized version of the AMERICAN Timekeeper theme! The version released in the tokyo disneyland boxset was the Le Visionarium theme. Here is the video link.
  3. Marko

    Cinemagique Silent Movies Track Released!

    On Broughton's website is the Silent Movies track from Cinemagique.
  4. Marko


    I just came on the new site and it looks great, definitely a major improvement. Any way, I was curious as to what this "Downloads" feature that is coming soon will be.
  5. Marko

    WDW 40th Anniversary CD?

    Hi everybody! With the 40th anniversary around the corner (and by corner, I mean 2011) what is everyone hoping to get? What would you like to see on the album? How many disks? Will there even be one? My personal wishlist is this; -more music from Tiki Room -older music not found at parks (ie...
  6. Marko

    Stitch's Great Escape

    Galactic Anthem Galactic Chime Galactic Announcement Something Big's Coming! Level Three Teleporting the Prisoner Stitch Escapes Floriduh Galactic Spill
  7. Marko

    Honey I Shrunk the Audience

    Bruce Broughton composed the score for the 3-D film Honey Shrunk the Audience. It is currently located in Epcot Center Florida and Disneyland California. Honey I Shrunk the Audience: Main Theme 1:54 Pre-Show 1:38 Fanfare :31 Little Kid, Big Trouble/ 1:42 Snake Attack Honey I Blew Up the...
  8. Marko

    Making of Me

    Bruce Broughton composed the underscore for the Making of Me film in the Wonders of Life pavilion formerly at the Epcot Center. The Making of Me: Main Theme 1:28 Intro 1:30 Chalkboard 3:43 Speedboat 3:06 Race To Egg 1:15 Embryo 1:55 Martin's Birth 1:28 Total Run Time- 14:25 (Note: All...
  9. Marko

    The Simpsons Ride

    The full Simpsons ride loop that is located in Florida uses many of the themes from the show. There is a collection of instrumental scores from the film itself that were composed by Hanz Zimmer. Other than a recording that has been circulating around the web there isn't anything else. The track...
  10. Marko


    Here is the current track listing for Epcot's Canada. When the attraction was redone for a new release Disney's handy composer Bruce Broughton composed an entire new score featuring 15+ minutes of music for it. Load Theme 2:28 Horshoe Falls :52 Buchart Gardens/Cathedral Grove 1:08 Snow! 1:25...
  11. Marko

    Welcome to My Blog

    Hi everyone and welcome to my Blog! This is the first entry and I want to explain what I am doing. After seeing everyone's great blogs on the site, (including Horizon's music loop blog) I decided to create one of my own. This blog shows what the track names in a ride are. I may include track...
  12. Marko

    Space Mountain

    I have a question. Since Star tunnel and the entrance music were released, how come the third song wasn't?
  13. Marko

    Scary Music in the Parks

    Scary music Was there ever a song in WDW or another Disney park that made you feel anxious and nervous while waiting for or in a ride. For me it was the 3rd queue loop in space mountain.
  14. Marko

    Ellen's Energy Adventure

    Is it possible, Randy, to release the ENTIRE EEA soundtrack individually on either a disk or iTunes. In my opinion EEA should not be considered a ride so much but more of a movie and should have it's own soundtrack or released along with an official Disney cd.