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    Country Bear Jamboree Queue Music

    I epnder why when y released the CBJ soundtrack on CD they remastered the LP instead of giving us the version that was inastituted in '75 with Zeke & Ernest's voice change?
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    Jack Wagner Reel-to-Reel Collection

    "please stand clear of the doors,S'il vous plaît la position Eclaircit Des Portes"
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    Disney Theme Park Songs: The TOP-10 Best and Worst?

    1. "It All Started With a Mouse"- Brock Walsh (Originally heard in the "Viva Magic!" 15th Anniversary Castle Show at Tokyo Disneyland, later heard durng the Re-Dedication ceremony for Disneyland's 48th birthday in 2003 2. "Disneyland Is Your Land/Disney World Is Your World" - Robert Moline 3...
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    Park Composer Credits

    just a few additions George Wilkins in addition to the Vacation Hoedown also did the Country Bear Christmas Special Bruce Healey also did: Disney's Electrical Parade 2009 updates ( Cinderella.Pinocchio,Dwarf Mine (High Ho voice) & Finale) "A Christmas Fantasy Parade"
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    The Main Street Electrical Parade (Summer Nightastic)

    the only reason the drum was not changed is because they didn't have permission from Disneyland to o that since the parade is "on loan"
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    Tracking Changes to the Official Albums

    oops your right while the 2 CD's are almost identical w/ the latter including "Parade Of The Stars" i didn't realize they were released a year apart
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    The Main Street Electrical Parade (Summer Nightastic)

    as do i, but using that set of announcements wouldn't have made sense (at least to the parade's history buffs) as the floats arn't WDW's
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    Jack Wagner Reel-to-Reel Collection

    this is my favorite version of the EWP, and i was very fortunate to also get a copy of this from a freind who knows Don quite well. BTW do you happen to know when track #10 on that recording was dropped from the show? Track 14 "TenCennial theme" was really cool. i have a copy of the "Pete's...
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    New TDL/TDS CDs

    why'd they make the new version of the Dreamlights CD exclusive to TDR i was able to find the others on
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    Tracking Changes to the Official Albums

    there were actually 2 versions of the Disneyland 45th Anniversary album, the only difference being Parade of the Stars which was only on version 2
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    The Haunted Mansion CD / LE Box Set [2009]

    for those interested in a WDW version I THINK I know how it can be done. take the lines "Kindly step all the way in please & make room for everyone. there's NO turning back now. Our tour begins in this gallery where you see paintings of some of our guests as they appeared in there coruptuble...
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    Haunted Mansion Holiday CD Versions

    the 6-disc set that was released for DL's 50th has the original version of HMH on Disc 6
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    Disneyland Resort Paris - Les Parades en Musique 2009 CD

    and to think it only took WDW , what ? 11 years to put out a decent SpectroMagic CD
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    Disneyland Esplanade Christmas Music Loop (2008)

    and just HOW does the Parade Of Dreams track relates to Christmas???
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    New Layout

    really like the new layout makes things easy to find
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    Disney Half-Time Show

    nope not mine. i go by Disneydanny on YT. considering I wasn't born until '80,this was such a cool find!l
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    Disney Half-Time Show

    Speaking of Halftime shows: feast your eyes on this:
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    Tokyo Disney Resort 12-CD Box "Dream" Release

    Re: Tokyo Disney Resort 12-CD Box ?Dream? Release my Christmas list may be very short this year if this is sold on also those Country Bear tracks are also nerw as none of the sahows have been relead before just select songs (Hopes & Prays Phil Holmes doesn't have a twin in Tokyo...
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    Great MSEP article!

    the lucky duck! my god i would've though she'd have chained herself to the front doors of of the AC eh her hubby might have had something to say about that if she had.
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    Great MSEP article!

    I had found the original Version that I had done alas I had done 2 versions since that one (the one I had found was the one wgere I had just put the Neon Fiinale music in it's proper order. the latest one I did (about 2 or so years ago now) has the Disney's Electriical Parade Opening and...