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    Tokyo Disney Resort 12-CD Box "Dream" Release

    Re: Tokyo Disney Resort 12-CD Box ?Dream? Release Does anyone (perhaps Yoshi) know how large this item is? I am going to Japan in January and could have it sent to my friend's place, but not sure it would fit in my luggage knowing the amount of stuff I will probably buy. Thanks! David
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    The Official Albums for 2008!

    Hi! My second disc (apart from the disappointing Seas with Nemo medley - sorry!!!), was scratched several times. I'm not a huge fan of cardboard box sleeves for Disney Albums as there is far to much wear and tear and the discs become loose inside the sealed case even before opening, same thing...
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    It's a Small World at Disneyland Paris

    They also pondered whether it would be disrespectful to take them down. I can see both good and bad, it was a decision made by mainly US execs. As Dirk says, it isn't too obvious whilst riding.
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    The Official Albums for 2008!

    Hey Guys, Have we established what the Disneyland album's tracklist looks like yet? After 19 pages of posts, it's difficult to know lol. I was one of the lucky ones to have bought the WDW album, however the second disc is faulty, I went back to return it the next day and inevitably there were...
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    Block Party CD? / Tokyo Disney Releases

    Hi guys, Was just browsing, and found that they are releasing a CD entitled Disney Block Party, I have no idea what the content but as it lists it as a US release, is it an official release of Block Party Bash, I wonder. Anyone have any idea...
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    Disneys Once Upon a Dream Parade music!

    Or even, he may promise to make a CD for you then suddenly forget!! Not joking either...
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    Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade Released!

    Contact to order any Disneyland Resort Paris merchandise. Hope this helps, David x
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    Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade Released!

    A Double CD "15 Magical Years" should be released in the next week or so as well as the single. Each CD is almost 80 minutes long, no track details as yet, but I have the CD arriving soon and I shall post asap. Have a magical day! David
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    I have Parade of Dreams!

    Hey! That is so true, and as you know Derek in Paris there is NO control over the CDs at all. The music is readily available to those who want it. Now I'm in WDW and I can see that it is quite similar here too! It's just a shame that Disney cannot release all of their parade and show...
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    Hey Dirk! Happy Hallowishes has no reference to the Wishes melody at all, it's all villains based. I do hpe they release the music! Have a magical day! David
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    Hi Guys! It is an awesome show featuring villain's themes from many Disney classics. It works really well and is a lot longer than expected. Although it does not have the buzz or tingle factor of Wishes, it's perfect for the season. From my memory (though not in any particular order) the...
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    EARS TO YOU Disney Mania Preshow

    I want to contact Mike Frezon too but he doesn;t seem to post any more :( David xx
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    Space Mtn soundtrack sounds good while riding!!!!

    The new DLRP was done the same I guess although the whole theming has changed in Paris for Mission2. Is that the case in DL? I love the Paris music and the new effects are great including the red spiral tunnel at the end. Any plans for WDW rehab? ;) David
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    I got my copy of "On the Record"!

    Hi Guys! I love the CD and the show I think I would enjoy, and we musn't forget that this is a musical revue, so i doubt we could expect a great storyline. The music works wonderfully together, took me a while to get used to the orchestrations, perhaps would have been better with a larger band...
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    Friendly Reminder

    If you're a friend of Pluto's, it means that you work with him and the other characters everyday ;-) David x
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    Friendly Reminder

    SpectroPluto! Are you a "friend" of Pluto's? As a former friend myself, ity's nice to see some enthusiasm for him. He's teh best ;) Have a great day! David
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    Official Album Disneyland 50th

    I can honestly say that this artwork was probably not done over here in the UK. Many of our items which are produced over here for Disney Records, don't look too hot, so I guess this was just artwork that never got used in the US. :) David
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    Official Album Disneyland 50th

    Hi Guys! Take a look at the art work for the UK version of The Happiest Celebration On Earth. I don't know if it will be released elsewhere like this. Looks cool, but obviously i prefer the US version depicting all the castles! Have...
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    New Space Mountain Daytime Track

    The new SM Disneyland is similar to the new DLRP track but in my opinion not as good. Very similar orchestration, but the Paris track has more oumph! David
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    Favourite Disney Music

    Here are my favourites.... :D Film Score 1. Beauty and the Beast 2. The Hunchback of Notre Dame 3. The Little Mermaid 4. Mary Poppins 5. Cinderella Composer 1. Alan Menken 2. The Sherman Brothers 3. Oliver Wallace 4. Elton John 5. Phil Collins Lyricist 1. Howard Ashman 2. Tim Rice 3. The...