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    Radio Disney Jams Volume 8

    just wanted to pass along some information. if anyone on here is thinking of getting this CD I HIGHLY suggest you get it at Target rather then as the Target version will net you 2 additional songs.
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    and here I thought I knew everything about the Electrical Parade

    The muisic that plays above the reprise of Boo Bop BopBop Bop (ILove You Too) b4 the dragon talk, is that "It's Not Easy"?
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    Is it just me

    or does it seem like thge time of same great disney legends has come in the last few weeks. We've lost quite alot of folks here.
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    Where's our buddy SharonKurland

    She hasn't been on here since April 4th. I know she said she was going to Japan but she said 3 wks NOT 2 months.
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    ? for Randy Thornton

    Do you think it would be possible to put the soundtrack to the Electrical Water Pageant on the next WDW OA (not the one that's almost out but the next time it's updated) this show is verry popular w/ WDW guests and it's music has not been publically released since the 1971 Picture disc.
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    Is Disney's Greatest Vol 4 Out Of Print?

    I see the other 3 on but not #4
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    DL 50th Anniversary boxed set CANCELLED

    Just read about this on Any specifics,Randy? :-[
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    R.I.P. Jerry Orbach
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    sorry to do this here guys but i've had no luck emaiing or pm'ing him. Hey Joe, I was just checking to see what the status of the video(s) you were making for me.are coming along Last i'd heard was you had finished video # 1 (various TDL attractions including several TDL Electrical Parade...
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    Can somebody on here send me an mp3 of the Light Magic track from the OA it was on. Thanks in advance!
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    Disney Movie ?

    I remember MANY years back there was a movie on TV and part of it was set in DL & this bad guy took all of disneyland's power wich caused the Main Street Electrical Parade to loose it's power. does anyone know what movie this is???
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    Does HKDL NEED the Electrical Parade

    As we all know EVERY Magic Kingdom has had the Electrical Parade as Nightime entertainment. WHY should HKDL need to have it . I say New Park, NEW parade. I think after the floats are refurbished @ WDW they should either be dismanteled for good or send some of the units to CA (and if they end...
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    Need help w/ an Electrical Parade soundtrack project

    I am in the early stages of putting together a Christmas Electrical Parade soundtrack utilizing the Disney's Electrical Parade soundtrack . Here is what i'm looking for: Electric Fanfare/Fanfare of Lighhts (Opening Announcement): DEP CD followed by a simultaneous fade-out of the DEP CD & fade...
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    Favorite WDW MK Nightime Parade

    All the usual suspects around here know my favorite. so what's yours?
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    I need an EXACT listing of WHERE at each of the the stops along the Electrical Water Pageant route the show performs. by this i mean the exact location at each stop.I have a couple freinds headed to WDW & I wantr them to be able to witness this great spectacle
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    Tokyo Disneyland Nightime Parades DJ Remix CD

    Does ANYONE have this? How is it?
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    Illuminations25 ?

    On the DL/WDW '97 OA is Illuminations25 Version A or B that is heard
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    Was "Disneyland Is Your Land" or "Disney World Is Your World" on the Forever Kiosks at the park & if so does ANYONE on here have it?
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    TenCennial Theme Song Lyrics

    Anyone know where I can find this. Out of all the songs I've heard used @ WDW this is by far my favorite.