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    Park CD List?

    Does anyone have or know where I can go to see a list of CDs available in the parks now? Thanks, Steve
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    Mickey's Starland

    I worked for the WDWCP way back in the Spring of 1994. During that time I worked at a beverage wagon in Mickey's Starland, which is now Toontown. I used to love the background music they played in that area, but have been unable to find it anywhere. All of the songs were instrumental and I...
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    Disneyland Forever

    The last time I was at Disneyland was in 1999 and they had a kiosk there that you could make your own CDs made up of various songs and spiels heard around the park. They had pre-made CDs and you could also make up your own. It was called Disneyland Forever. Here is the one I made: 1...
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    WDW Park CDs currently for sale?

    Does anyone have a list of the park CDs currently for sale at WDW? I am going to WDW in April and want to get my wish list. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Magic in the Streets: Parade Memories

    Do they still sell the Magic in the Streets CD at WDW?
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    WDW Park Music Currently For Sale?

    Does anyone have a list of park music that you can currently purchase from WDW? Is Magic in the Streets still for sale or do I need to go to eBay to purchase it?
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    Mickey's Starland Music

    I was a WDW cast member back in 1994 as part of their college intern program. During that time I worked in the Tomorrowland Terrace restaurant and Mickey's Starland (currently Toontown). I have been able to obtain most, if not all the music I used to hear playing in Tomorrowland. So now I am...