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  1. BLM07

    Saving Disney Park Albums from Being Deleted on Wikipedia

    I've put quite a few album listings on Wikipedia a few years back, and now someone is going through the trouble to having them deleted. Here is one example. He claims "non-notable Disney World album with all info apparently coming from album notes without any sources of notability" but I don't...
  2. BLM07

    Movie Soundtrack Listings

    I'm curious if soundtrack album listings are coming back to this site in the future. A nice feature would be to display the track listing as it appeared in the film, instead of how it's placed on the album itself.
  3. BLM07

    Walt Disney World Railroad recordings

    Are there any older (live or otherwise) recordings of the Walt Disney World Railroad? I have one that is 19:00 with a guy that sounds like Mr. DNA from Jurassic Park, are there any clearer recordings out there? And when are they going to get rid of that Pocahontas section? Sure, we can "hear"...
  4. BLM07

    It's a Small World at Disneyland Paris

    Has there ever been a complete release of IASW from DLP? The mix on Disneyland Resort Paris En Musiqe from 2005 (4:29) is pretty good, and I believe to be the longest I've seen. I'd like to know which and how many languages are used on the ride. Is the ride's layout the same as the other versions?
  5. BLM07

    The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

    Kind of a odd request, but does anyone know if the theme(s) for The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh were released on CD? At least, does anyone have any high quality rips of the intro / credit music? I also seem to remember two different versions of the credits music, but what about the intro...
  6. BLM07

    Anyone know Swedish, Italian, Japanese or Spanish?

    On my new site, I put together a It's a Small World list of audio. I thought it would be cool to have the lyrics to the four foreign languages from the ride. You can see the page here: I have some lyrics I've found online, but no idea...
  7. BLM07

    It's a Small World WDW 2005 changes

    Here are the changes I noticed: Queue music: Changed to Disneyland's queue music (used to be instrumental version of the finale) Queue clock: Completely new soundtrack from Disneyland Load & Unload spiels: Female English & Spanish spiels (English spiel is very close to the one on the DLF...
  8. BLM07

    Donald Duck's 50th Birthday Parade

    With all these topics on new parades, I was wondering about this parade from 1984. Does anyone have a live recording (or anything) from this parade? I've heard a clip from a show called "In Search of Excellence" made in 1984 and I love what I've heard so far. I ripped the clip and it lasts 1:46...
  9. BLM07

    The Land & World Of Motion audio lists (and Horizons updates)

    In the tradition of the Horizons list, I've made a couple of other lists. They arn't nearly as in depth as the Horizons list, but its a start at least. The Horizons page has had a ton of updates since I first posted about it.
  10. BLM07

    HORIZONS Audio List

    Since there is so much info out there about the music for this attraction, I've decided to make a page about it. Of course, there still is alot of info that I don't know. The page is simple, but oh well. I might try to make a list of some...
  11. BLM07

    El Rio Del Tiempo Ride Through?

    There is a El Rio Del Tiempo Ride Through floating around, I was wondering if there was any more information about it. Why is part of the exit spiel in the middle of the ride through? Why is the lower quality exit spiel mixed in at the end? Also it sounds like it was put together from separate...
  12. BLM07

    WOO HOO! I'm the first (besides trent)

    I like the new design of the forum and always enjoyed this site! It rules for Disney music! Hopefully there wont be so much trouble as there was the first time around.