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  1. WDWcrazy

    Mickey's Magical Party CD [2009] [DLRP]

    Both American resorts are pretty bad about that. :wacko:
  2. WDWcrazy

    Expedition Everest

    Out of all my trips to WDW, I've never encountered a bathroom that had a BGM track. I may have a bad memory, though.
  3. WDWcrazy

    Disney's Celebrate America!

    LOL, alright. :wub:
  4. WDWcrazy

    Disney's Celebrate America!

    I was confused on what you posted by "What tipped you off? ;)" and thought you were thinking that I was lying. I didn't know that Jay, sorry. That's why I posted my comment and was just trying to be helpful. I didn't know that, that's why I made my comment in the first place. Again, all I was...
  5. WDWcrazy

    Disney's Celebrate America!

    I was making a simple comment that a recording of the announcement Horizons was looking for does exist and someone I have spoke with recorded it in the past. That's all, Horizons and Almandot "assume" there is a hidden agenda or something. I was just trying to be helpful and share my knowledge...
  6. WDWcrazy

    Disney's Celebrate America!

    So I edited my post, not a big deal. :unsure: It's not like you haven't done it before, I was just trying to share something that I knew.
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    Disney's Celebrate America!

    I was just commenting that a recording of the announcement exists.
  8. WDWcrazy

    wishes he was in WDW.

    wishes he was in WDW.
  9. WDWcrazy

    Disneyland's Music for "Magical" Fireworks Spectacular

    I agree, Magical is way better than Imagine. As least in Magical you can't really tell that the music is recycled (the only thing that I recognized right off the bat was when Flora and Merryweather were arguing), unlike Imagine..
  10. WDWcrazy

    Disney's Celebrate America!

    Oh, I'm positive that someone out there has an induction of the announcement as well as the fireworks show. :unsure:
  11. WDWcrazy

    Disneyland Resort Paris - Les Parades en Musique 2009 CD

    Let's just hope that they decide to make another "Magic in the Streets" CD that's updated. Sheesh, only one of those parades is still showing that's on the CD and it is in need of replacement.
  12. WDWcrazy

    Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It!

    It's the same version, just a few lyric changes to fit with the theme and party.