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  1. shicorp

    Cinderella re-issued

    Has anybody yet heard, what the new "Cinderella" CD will consist of? I think, the original issue was quite complete, but I may be wrong.
  2. shicorp

    Aristocats CD?

    I see, that there are two CDs of the "Aristocats" around. One, titled the "EP version", which only runs for some twenty minutes and a second one, which seems to be part of the 'Classic Soundtrack Series'. So which one is the one with Maurice Chevalier's vocals and what is the difference (or...
  3. shicorp

    off-topic (no, definitely ON-TOPIC): Upcoming album from 'Aladdin' performer

    I just found this out, while browsing through the web: Brad Kane (now Caleb Kane), the singing voice on the "Aladdin" cast album will release an album of his own music by April. Meanwhile, some selections can be downloaded through itunes and a free selection is available from the following...
  4. shicorp

    The Black Hole

    Hello! From time to time, members from other message boards mention, that John Barry's score to "The Black Hole" has never been put on CD by Disney and that Disney is currently not interested to do so. I wanted to ask, if anybody knows further details about this. I guess, there would be quite a...
  5. shicorp

    20 CD Boxed Set

    As this is a reply to a rather old topic, I thought, I'd better include the original message: "Yes, this is the set I mentioned a few months ago. The material on the soundtracks is indeed the material of the Classic Soundtracks. The additional unreleased stuff are demos that I fully restored but...
  6. shicorp

    Stereophonic "Lady and the Tramp" tracks?

    I just wondered, if anybody else noticed this. I re-listened to my "Lady and the Tramp" album and noticed, that there aren't any stereo tracks on the album, although Randy Thornton's producer's notes say: "Though the entire production was a monophonic recording, these separated elements allowed...
  7. shicorp

    Classic Disney soundtracks discontinued!

    :-I have spent the last days with trying to enlarge my Disney soundtrack collection. Unfortunately, many of the classic titles are discontinued. As I see, "Pinocchio", "Dumbo" and "Peter Pan" are no longer available from! Does anybody in here know, if there are any plans to re-issue...
  8. shicorp

    Classic Disney Composers

    Hello everybody! I'm new to this group and I'm looking for information on classic Disney composers (photographs, biographies,...) on the web. Can somebody help me with that? Or mail me images of those great artists? Regards, Stefan :D