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    Musical History of Disneyland - Preview

    Before the box set was released for the 50th anniversary, Disney put two preview clips online, one clocking in at 10 minutes, one over 3. Does anybody have these in stereo?
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    searching for album name

    A friend of mine is looking for a vinyl album released in the 70s or so that included songs from various Disney movies, including a track she remembers as "Tiger Lily's March." Also had songs from "Alice in Wonderland" and others on it. That's about all she remembers. Anybody have any leads for...
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    Looking for Tea Cup version of Unbirthday Song

    I can't find a good version of the instrumental Unbirthday Song used for the Disneyland Tea Cups ... I was certain I had it on an official CD, but it doesn't appear it's ever been issued that way. Anybody know?