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    Disney's Snow White ? An Enchanting Musical

    Re:Disney's Snow White – An Enchanting Musical Those not familiar with illustrator Maxfield Parrish and his work can find a good representation of his work at the following link: There are others, but this has more pictures and less text. Have a...
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    Walt DVD

    Here is a link to the review of this DVD at I believe you might find another review at MousePlanet also. Hope this helps Greg in CA.
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    Figment is Open!

    Interesting story about Kodak. Funny thing is they just resigned a multi-year contract with Disney for all the Parks. It was reported in the news on May 28th. it's a small world after all :D Greg in CA
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    Figment is Open!

    Sharon and Mike: You can find a review of the "new" attraction at Here's the link to the article: Warning: It does include all the spoilers. Greg in CA
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    Park Music

    Trevor, as Bill stated in your other subject, eBay is about the best resource for finding the "Forever" CDs at this point. There is a lot of Park music available on the "official" albums from both DL and WDW, but if you are looking for the "rare or discontinued" attractions sounds, "Forever"...
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    Sherman Bros musical comes to London

    Jason90, thanks for the review and update. How are the "critics" reviews and does this seem to be the kind of musical that will "be around" for some time? Greg in CA
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    Sherman brothers Demo Small World track

    Hey Steve, there probably weren't enough orange groves to tear out in Detroit back in the 50's! Greg
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    Sherman brothers Demo Small World track

    Hey Steve, the special CD is entitled "NFFC Once In a Lifetime Event July 17, 1998". I believe there were fewer than 250 CDs produced since that was about the size of the group attending the event. There are 11 tracks, all from the Forever system at the Park except for the 11th track with the...
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    Sherman brothers Demo Small World track

    :) Jason is correct. The special Forever was given as a "parting" gift to NFFC members who went to a very special screening of the film "Who's Lives at Disneyland" and a talk by Imagineer Tony Baxter in the Team Disney auditorium. One of the more facinating and special events I've been to...
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    Sherman Bros musical comes to London

    Jason, let us know if Richard and Robert added some new music to the production.... I thought I remembered them saying something about a couple new tunes were going to be added, but that was quite a while ago. Let us know if an official "cast" CD is being released at the same time? Thanks...
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    Question about Treasure Planet

    Trent, maybe Jeff has pulled the "ultimate" joke on us by not posting one this year. Oh well..... Greg in CA
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    Question about Treasure Planet

    Boy, thank goodness someone remembered the day! I logged on to read Jeff's annual April Fool's post and nothing yet.....good thing someone else covered for you still have just under 10 hours to come through on your traditional post. Might want to checkout MousePlanet and the...
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    Sherman Bros. Park Music

    As an added note to Ben's comment. The book goes up to the year 2000. So it does list Rocket Rods "Magic Highways" as their last music done for the Parks. Great book if you don't have it. You can order it directly from the publisher Camphor Tree Publishers online.
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    Your Favorite Disney Villain Song

    I would add my vote for "Oogie Boogie's Song (Your Joking)" from "Nightmare Before Christmas". Not your traditional Disney Villain but related to the family "of the Mouse" since Buena Vista music had the rights to the music. A nastier Villain you won't find!!!! :o