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    OT (sorta) Light Magic Video

    I've got the UPN version on tape. I haven't watched it in years, but I still do have it.
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    Disneyland 6 CD Set Numbers

    #4419 Eddie V.
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    6-disc set!

    When I went on the 5th, I asked a CM if they had any of the sets left and shook her head and said "no, but we're hoping to get more in later this week". She didn't know the quantity they were hoping to get or, for that matter, if they would even get them at all, but the line to buy them was...
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    Ordering "A Musical History of Disneyland"

    I went to the park today and was able to pick up a copy of this set. Beautiful work, Randy. The CM I talked to at the 20th Century Music Shop said they were selling well and that they only had a few hundred left! Yikes - and it's not even the 5th yet. The CM also asked how many I wanted...
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    Disneyland 50th Cd set revealed!!!!!!!!!!!kinda...

    ?A Musical Tour of Disneyland? was designed from the beginning as one grand listening experience. YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE! I?ve designed this set to be a day at Disneyland that you get to take home in a box. It?s one big concept album! ? a Disneyland version of Pink...
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    Totally OT - Free, easy Midi editor?

    Hi Sharon, I can't vouch for this program since I've never used it, but you can take a look and see if it might satisfy your needs: The download is free and it looks like the big limitation is that you can't record/save anything...
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    Pluto's Theme Song Lyrics

    That's awesome! Pluto's my favorite, too, and I've never seen [or heard!] those lyrics before. Thanks for the post! Eddie V.
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    Darby O Gill DVD & What Obscure Disney TV Shows would you like on DVD?

    I'd love to see Disneyland USA included on a future DL Treasures DVD. My sister taped a copy for me a few years ago off Vault Disney but she wasn't as concerned with the quality of the picture as I am. ;)
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    the cds?

    I just want to comment on this for a second. While I don't presume to speak for the person(s) creating these CD's, I can say, quite categorically, that they are not selling them. I personally know the individual who did the POTC, HM, and Tiki Room CD's and he's done them as a labor of love for...
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    OT - Need Audio/Recording Help, Please!

    Hi Sharon, I was able to do it this way [this was in Windows XP]: I used Winamp as my default player and opened up the link to the online broadcast, set my audio controls [double click the little speaker icon] to "Record" and chose the "wave" option. Once the broadcast was playing, I used...
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    Walt Disney Treasures DVDs question

    I grabbed all four at Fry's for $24.99 each. The Complete Donald was probably the best selling of the four based on the quantities available. All four are fantastic, IMO, and definitely worth the price. Go get 'em! Eddie V.
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    Walt Disney Treasures DVDs question

    You can also try Ebay as I've seen them listed there from time to time. And rumor has it [courtesy of the Digital Bits website] that wave 4 is coming this December with the following titles: True Life Adventures Mickey Mouse in Black and White: Volume 2 a Pluto collection a Mickey Mouse Club...
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    Suspicious Disneyland Forever cd on ebay

    The CD is a complete fake. First, the cover art is entirely different from the two styles that were offered. It looks like he pulled that artwork from a park map. Second, and more obvious, is the fact that the CD contains 11 tracks while the Disneyland Forever system only gave you 10. Third...
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    New CD's are here at Wonderland Music Store

    Hey Mike, The store is actually known as the 20th Century Music Company. Randy Thornton originally referred to the CD on demand system as the Wonderland Music Store project, which seems to have caught on as the unofficial name. I hope that helps clear it up a little. Eddie V.
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    Wonderland Music comment

    I tend to agree with Louis' comments - I'm just happy to be able to have these reissues to listen to again, and in a better quality than I could find on a used LP. As for the artwork, I tend to think that they were going for an historical reissue so that the CD would resemble [as closely as...
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    New Music at Disneyland Kiosks?

    Ah, gotcha. Well, I stopped by yesterday and there was nothing new added and the cast member behind the counter didn't have any info on when/if any updates were coming. Eddie V.
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    New Music at Disneyland Kiosks?

    I'm going to stop by the park this afternoon so I'll let you know if I notice any new additions. Eddie V.
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    some classic MMC tracks 4 u all (updated info)

    I tried the second link again this morning and was able to download it just fine. Eddie V.
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    some classic MMC tracks 4 u all (updated info)

    The first link worked for me, but the second one didn't. Eddie V.
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    OT:Michael Eisner on Larry King

    No, he actually did refer to Philharmagic at Disneyland. One of his other notable goofs was referring to the holiday makeover for both Small World and Pirates, rather than Haunted Mansion. Eddie V.