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    Main Street Music Loops

    Hello everyone! I have some questions... Ive seen in some internet links that there are 2 versions of the Disneyland (Anaheim) Main Street Music Loop. 1.-Main Street Music Loop (1972-1992) 2.-Main Street Loop (1992-Present) And is there only ONE version of the Christmas Loop? 1.-Main Street...
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    Disneyland Main Street Christmas Music

    Hi , Hope everyone is ok. Ive been looking like crazy for the music loop that plays in Disneyland Park (Main Street) for Christmas. Most people give me the list in another link that has the titles on that famous cd that the park has called : The spirit of christmas (not for sale) And Ive tried...
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    Snow White enchanted musical CD on sale?

    Yep! Im downloading it this moment (Im in 58%) THANKS! but yeah I now it's on Hiatus sin August or so, but It seems wierd because I heard that convesration between a CM and a guest that was paying infront of me (I believe the guest was a park fan too) and probably the CM was just responding...
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    Snow White enchanted musical CD on sale?

    Is it true that there is a "rare" cd-single coming in December for sale with the Parade of Dreams and the Snow White enchanting musical tracks? I heard it from a CM at the music store in Main Street (Disneyland) Or is the Snow White musical available online? Thanks!
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    Snow White Enchanted Musical

    Anyone has info if there is a copy anywhere of the Snow White Musical that was showing in Disneyland Park this year? Thank you! :D