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    Q for Randy: Pinocchio on Blu-ray

    But the original soundtrack album was not produced in the 1950s, it was produced over ten years earlier. So the cassette copy you own was taken from a 1950s reissue, not the original soundtrack as presented in 1940. I also own an LP produced in the 1960s that has the line (in fact, all...
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    Q for Randy: Pinocchio on Blu-ray

    Mm, I don't think that's correct. I own the 1990 RCA CD reissue, which says it is taken from the original 1940 78rpm shellac sources, and Jiminy's line "Right!" is present there. It does not appear that Disney had anything to do with this CD reissue at all... it was done by BMG/RCA, who...
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    Mary Poppins Second Cast Album

    I LOVED the Marni Nixon version of the Mary Poppins songs! I actually owned it before I owned the true soundtrack. I never had the full album, but I had a two or four track single with Marni singing the songs. I keep hoping they will release this album as part of the Archive series.
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    Classic Disney Titles Available in iTunes Plus!

    Good news! iTunes has done a 180-degree reversal (likely due to an avalanche of complaints), and you can now pick and choose which previously purchased songs you wish to upgrade to iTunes plus. Just click the "iTunes Plus" link on the home page, and your library will pop up with a "purchase...
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    Classic Disney Titles Available in iTunes Plus!

    Yeah, they don't work with Mac. That sucks, I know, but I think Windows Media format only works with Windows. If you can access them, they are worth checking out. I know there's a link to them under "stores" in Windows Media Player 10 and higher. I've bought over 200 tracks from them in the...
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    An early Christmas present

    Quite a few of the Golden Records are availalbe on CD and/or as downloads. I don't know of a good way to search for them on iTunes, but go to Amazon and search for MP3s with the phrase "Liberty International" (in quotes), and a bunch of them will pop up. They have Captain Kangaroo Christmas...
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    Classic Disney Titles Available in iTunes Plus!

    Well, the titles that were released to all the download sites (not the iTunes exclusives) are available on MusicGiants in WMA Lossless format. They are DRM'd, but burning them to CD gets rid of the DRM. I recently downloaded the new "Sleeping Beauty" from MusicGiants. A friend of mine tried...
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    Looks like Disney may be coming to iTunes Plus...

    But here is the horrible, SUCKY thing about the iTunes Plus upgrades -- you have to upgrade your ENTIRE LIBRARY, or NONE AT ALL. No kidding. You cannot pick what songs or albums you upgrade. You either upgrade every song you've ever purchased at 30 cents a song, or none at all. Some deal, huh?
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    Classic Disney Titles Available in iTunes Plus!

    I know, I know. Would I get defensive? Me? :)
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    Classic Disney Titles Available in iTunes Plus!

    Well, I was one, my friend Matt was the other. I guess that accounts for all three of us! (Not counting the thousands of posters on Anything But IPod Forums.)
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    Classic Disney Titles Available in iTunes Plus!

    That's great news, Randy! I have to wonder, though, since they're now DRM-free, why only iTunes? Why not Amazon and MusicGiants (which sells in Windows Media Lossless format) and the other sites? Many portable media players won't play iTunes MP4 files, even if they are DRM-free. If you...
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    OT: USB turntables

    I don't think the USB turntables are particularly good. The only thing they've got going for them is the fact that they're USB-ready. I've looked at the Ion in person, and it's really a rather flimsy record player. The housing is plastic, which means it is very sensitive to vibration. A good...
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    Slightly OT: 60s Chimpmunks & Freberg on iTunes!

    Re: Slightly OT: 60?s Chimpmunks & Freberg on iTunes!!! Rich, these have all just been issued on CD as well. It appears they might be Walmart exclusives, as I don't see them available in any other stores. If you have a local Walmart, look for them in the toy department (where they have a...
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    iTunes Wish List - Soundtracks/Vintage Disneyland LP's

    Re: Itunes Wish List - Soundtracks/ Vintage Disneyland LP's My #1 most-wanted is the Marni Nixon re-recording of the "Mary Poppins" soundtrack, followed by "Darlene of the Teens."
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    iTunes/Park Cd question for Randy

    Very exciting news about the new releases (yeah, it's a month old, but I just found out about it). I hope that the Marni Nixon version of the "Mary Poppins" songs is on the release list for this year.
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    Bing "Katrina" on iTunes

    I have it on CD... it's on a Japanese CD boxed set called "The Bing Crosby Years," from MCA Japan. Excellent sound. PM or email me for more details.
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    "Give a Little Whistle" with instrumental intro -- ever on CD?

    I remember my vinyl soundtrack album of "Pinocchio" had no dialogue over the intro -- just the guitar strumming. Every CD version I've encountered has Jiminy's line, "Come on, let's sing it," over the guitar intro. Has the song ever been released on CD, anywhere, without the dialogue...
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    Latest Disney Archive releases in LOSSLESS format on

    Well, the 30-50 MB was an off-the-cuff figure, based on other four-to-six minute stereo tracks I've downloaded. All I've downloaded so far of these Disney releases is "Date Nite at Disneyland," which is mono. The longest track on that is Medley: September Song/Deep Purple, which is 17.5 MB...
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    Latest Disney Archive releases in LOSSLESS format on

    The latest batch of Archive reissues is available on MusicGiants, the lossless download service. They use Windows Media Lossless, and the quality of their files is incredible -- 30 to 50 megabytes a song, and that's COMPRESSED. That's because no music info is actually deleted, as it is with...
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    Updated iTunes Disney Archives list

    There's another way that I recently discovered. - Play a song from the album you've purchased in iTunes. - On the thumbnail that appears in the lower left corner, instead of left clicking to enlarge it, RIGHT CLICK. A small window will pop up that will say COPY. Select that. - The full-rez...