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    Kids of the Kingdom Disneyland LP Question

    Hi- I just found a Disneyland album on ebay and was hoping you Disney Record experts could give me some info. Who were the Kids of the Kingdom? Is this really a Disneyland record and is it rare? I'm starting to collect old Disneyland LP's and am wondering if this is worth adding to the...
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    "Disneyland is Your Land"

    Does anyone have the music of this great old Disneyland show? I would love to hear the original version after hearing the WDW version. THANKS!
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    Rare or unreleased Disneyland 50th Album???

    I found this great artwork for a Disneyland 50th Album and was wondering if is or has been available for purchase? Anyone have any more info on it?
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    "Disneyland is Your Land" Lyrics or Music?

    After hearing the music to "Disneyworld is Your World", I am curious if anyone out there has info on the show "Disneyland is Your Land?" Was the Music and Lyrics similar? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
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    First 50 Magical Years BGM

    Does anyone know where one can find a copy of the wonderful music that is played in the Lobby of the Opera House for the First 50 Magical Years Exhibit! It is such a great mix and orchistration! Thanks!