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    Walt Disney World Forever CDs

    In case anyone is interested, there are some WDWF CDs posted for sale:
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    Great Movie Ride question

    I'm at WDW this week for the marathon, and went to MGM this morning. In the Chinese Theater lobby queue for the Great Movie Ride, an instrumental piano version of "Love Came For Me" (from the movie Splash) was playing. I love this song, and was wondering if anyone knows the source of this...
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    Does anyone know what this CD is?

    There's a Disneyland Paris Press CD (at least that's what it's titled) for sale on eBay for awhile now - someone selling multiple copies. The track listing has some interesting things listed, but it all seems to be little snippets of things. Has anyone heard this, and is it worth having...
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    Small World Holiday CD question

    Does anyone know the content of the Small World Holiday CD now being offered through the 20th Century Music Company? I purchased a Small World Holiday CD from Disneyland several years back, but it only has about 15 minutes of content on it. Wondering if the Wonderland offering has anything...