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    Mickey Mouse Splashdance

    Hey, MiklCraw4d... I don't think the search is gonna be too hard... the whole reason I posted this is because the CD comes free with any order of $35 or more at, and I just wanted to know what was on the CD before I ordered lol
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    Mickey Mouse Splashdance

    Hi everyone! I was just at and they're advertising this thing where if you spend $35 or more you get the CD "Mickey Mouse Splashdance" free -- does anyone know about this CD? I'd never heard of it, so I'd assume it's older... any info on it would be really...
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    Walt DVD

    I have to say there's at least a good hour + of bonus features (the majority of it interviews that didn't make it into the actual film... plus the film was extended to 2 hours). Like you, I didn't at all expect it when I bought the DVD, but it has become my favorite Disney DVD of all time. It...
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    Walt DVD

    I absolutely love the DVD... probably the best Disney DVD ever produced. It's worth it just for the beautiful title screens and hours of bonus feature! The lowest price I've found for it is at where it's $25, as opposed to LaughingPlace's $38.
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    New Park Music?

    You can buy most of the WDW Cds from I bought the Spectromagic cd from them and they are a REALLY good service (they're not a shopping service so it only took like 3 days for it to arrive). Plus, it took me a while to realize, but when all is said and done it's cheaper to...
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    Geez!!! I just bought one of the Lion King Festival cds and the shipping was like only $2! I guess my theory may just be right... ;)
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    Yeah, Alex K., they do mark up a little, but I have dealt with WDW mail order many different times and they never fail to insist on a $10.99 s/h charge just to send a cd :) Go figure. I acutally have the feeling that after looking at laughingplacestore, etc. this may have...
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    There's a really cool site I've used called Main Street which also has the SpectroMagic CD at a good price: They also seem to have Festival of the Lion King, Tapestry of Dreams and the WDW Official Album
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    Disney Instrumentals

    There's a fantastic WDR American released album from a few years back called Disney's Instrumental Impressions. It's out of print now, but you usually can find it on ebay.
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    Urgent message to General Ursus Bear

    You all may want to check out this column on Laughing it has some theories about what's going to happen to Valut Disney:
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    Believe... There's Magic In the Stars Video

    I actually downloaded the Disneyland Source version but it quit right before it finished downloading, so I don't have the end which is my favorite part :)
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    Believe... There's Magic In the Stars Video

    Does anyone know if there are ANY videos of Believe... There's Magic In the Stars online? Thanks!
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    Bedknobs & Millionaire Soundtrack Covers

    Here are some thumbnail images of the upcoming Happiest Millionaire and Bedknobs & Broomsticks soundtracks: Enjoy!
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    Favorite Sites for Disney MP3's?

    Sorry for my ignorance, but how do you join alt.binaries.disney.multimedia? Thanks.
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    peter pan 2 cd

    Hi, I love the soundtrack too and thought that it and the movie were much better than all the reviews. Glad you're enjoying the cd! Any Disney fan would love it, especially the opening track to the film which combines lots of themes from the original film. Julian
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    New Book of Pooh CD

    All the songs on the cd are completely new songs and different from the other three cds you have. There is very little character commentary in the songs, it mostly is just singing. Julian
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    New Book of Pooh CD

    I was in Barnes & Noble a few days ago and stumbled on a cd that came out just a few days ago called "Songs From the Book of Pooh". It was mastered by the one and only Randy Thornton and after listening to it over four times, I have to say it is fantastic! If you are a fan of the show, I...