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    i hope someone listens to this

    Ok let me get on my soap box and hope someone at WDW managment hears this.I know how to keep the carousel of progress and put in the flying saucers.First i know they say addentance is down at the old carousel of progress but you can change that simply fix up the outside make it fit in with the...
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    carousel of progress

    ok was sitting at my desk at work and just started to wonder who the little girl is working the washing machine in the first act of the carousel of progress.We meet the son and teenage daghter but who is the little girl we never see her again after that scence now i know this is strange but it's...
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    disney world help

    can someone please post the number for walt disney world deliverears again for me i would like it very much thanks in advance brian bowling
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    it's a small world tokyo

    hey can anyone help me and tell me the tracks for the tokyo disneyland it's a small world cd? and if it is worth getting?I'm a big sherman brothers fan and was just wondering thanks in advance bb
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    haunted mansion movie

    [attachment deleted by admin]
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    new disney christmas cd at target

    went to my local target store today and found the new only at target disney's holiday sing-along. 1. toot suite,christmas treats 2. from all of us to all of you 3. here we come a-caroling 4. deck the halls 5. up on the housetop 6. hey santa 7. let there be peace on earth 8. good king wenceslas...
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    disney soundtracks part 2

    [attachment deleted by admin]
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    new disney soundtracks

    [attachment deleted by admin]
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    country bear

    hey did anyone else notice that when the pulled up to the gate were elton johon lived it was the haunted mansion in disneyland or did i just imagine that?
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    good news part2

    oh wait the happiest millionaire cd is coming out too on aug 13 now this is great news for disney music fans
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    great news

    bedknobs and broomsticks soundtrack gets released on aug 13,2002 this is probly the greatest news.....well maybe if the did the happiest millionaire too it would be better news. but beggers can't be choosers
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    carousel of progress

    hi i'm trying to plan a trip to disney world in augest and wdw guest service line is no help with answers to the opening hours of the c.o.p or if it will be open at all the week i'm going can anyone help me with this problem. thanks in advance brian
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    any help

    does anyone know the number to walt disney world attractions i need to call to find out when the carousel of progress is open is this summmer. thanks in advance brian ;D