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    "Range" is a Terrific Final Soundtrack

    Just bought the Sing-along DVD for my family. So far, so good - I really like the three songs from the film that are included. You're right about the yodeling song - I love it, my wife hates it (she refers to it as the "Cows on Acid" song). We're very, very sad about this being the last...
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    What's on the new Alice DVD

    Hi, everyone. There seem to be some questions about exactly what's on the new Alice In Wonderland masterpiece edition, so here's a brief review and a rundown of the contents and songs included: Brief review: It's great! Run out and buy it! Okay, now the contents: 1. Yes, it contains the...
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    OT - DL Tiki Room Trouble...

    According to this morning's update at, it will NOT be changing to the WDW updated version.