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    OT: Knott's Berry Farm Mystery Lodge Music

    Does anyone know if the soundtrack to this attraction has ever or will ever be released. It is really beautiful and the effects in the show are ridiculous! -Monorail1
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    Illuminations Music Question?

    I have the official album of disneyland and walt disney world from 1997. Since the bulk of Illuminations is a compilation of classical scores I have always wondered what these scores are. Can anyone help me out. I am particularly interested in: 1. 3:39 a swelling of trumpets and strings 2...
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    Newsgroup Question

    Besides the group alt.binaries.multimedia.disney.parks, wasn't there another group called alt.binaries.multimedia.disney.sounds or alt.binaries.multimedia.disney.mp3? I'm trying to add them to my server. Thanks.
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    Trailer Music Website

    I just wanted to share with you all a great website I have used for years. I can't tell you how many times I've watched a movie trailer and wondered "Where is that music from?". Well, wonder no more! Go to, click on "resources" in the tool bar on top and click on "trailer...
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    Finally bought Spirited Away Soundtrack

    If any of you haven't listened to this soundtrack you have got to pick it up. As you all know, this Hayao Miyazaji film was distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. Joe Hisaishi's orchestral score is incredible especially in "Reprise" and the combination of instruments in "The Return" is really...
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    Song of the South

    Hey Everyone, Just yesterday I saw Song of the South for the first time ever and I have to say it is easily one of the best Disney movies I have ever seen. The music alone is incredible. In fact I never realized how many songs that play at Critter Country actually originated from this movie...
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    Grizzly River Run Que Loop

    Does anyone know what songs the loop in the Grizzly River Run Que consists of? My girlfriend seems to remember Trisha Yearwood's "Heads Carolina, Tails California" as one of the songs. Unfortunately, I think you can only hear the loop when you are in the back portion of the stand-by line (as...
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    El Capitan Intro Music

    Does anyone know if the musical intro that plays while the numerous curtains open up before every movie at the El Capitan theatre in Hollywood is available, or if it was composed specifically for the theatre? The orchestral piece is about 1-2 minutes long,but really beautiful.
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    Disney Karaoke CD's

    Does anyone know if Disney's other Karaoke cd's have the same quality orchestrations as the movies or are they just synthesized reproductions? I would love to get high quality Disney music without the original lyrics being sung.
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    Glenn Miller: When You Wish Upon a Star

    I was just listening to Glenn Miller's Greatest Hits, released by RCA Victor in 1996. The CD includes many Miller classics used in Disneyland Attractions like "In The Mood" (Tower of Terror and Indiana Jones), Moonlight Serenade (Indiana Jones and Jungle Cruise) and Pennsylvania 6-5000 (Tower...
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    Speak n' Spell in Remember Dreams Come True?!?!

    I was just listening to the Remember Dreams Come True soundtrack from the new 50th anniversary CD and during the Star Tours portion of the show there is a very distinct sound at 14:39 which sounds exactly like a Texas Instruments Speak n' Spell from the 80's. Can anyone confirm this or am I...
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    DCA Animation Building

    Sooooooooo... Does anyone know what the music loop in the Animation building in DCA is? Offhand I know it includes music from Atlantis, Sleeping Beauty, Lion King, Hercules, Tarzan, Cinderella, etc. I don't know the order and would like to recontruct it as a playlist on iTunes. Anyone willing...
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    Rocket Rods Que and Sound effects

    Of all my favorite attraction music in recent memory, none has caught my attention as much as the music from the atmosphere in Rocket Rods. Although the line was always over an hour in length, I never seemed to mind it since I enjoyed the music in all of the sections. My highlights included...
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    El Capitan Exclusive CD

    I just went to the El Capitan theatre in Hollywood the other day and was impressed to find a gentlemen playing the Wurlitzer organ on the stage before the movie began. He played several contemporary Disney classics and finished up his set with a rousing rendition of Hooray for Hollywood before...