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    New Official Release

    Besides me, …. Is anyone ready for something "OFFICIAL" from WDW or DLR in the not so distant future?
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    Anything new for the WDW parks?

    Hi all, ...haven't posted in years ... wondering if there is any news or rumors about a new WDW official CD in the future? ... Thanks
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    WALL-E Trailer Music

    WALL?E Trailer music question? Greetings on Superbowl Sunday!! Hiya people, Can ya'll help me indentify this music? It's the bgm the for the WALL-E trailer(s)? I dig it! Thanks... Oh yeah, Happy Mardi Gras!... OT: "Most" of the crazy or lewd...
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    Waiting for the "new" 2007/08 WDW OA

    Greetings WDW music fans, I'm sitting here wondering when the "new" WDW OA will be released and most of all, what new tunes will be on it ? ... Hopefully our emails, letters and blogs have convinced the powers that be, to release a WDW OA with everything we Disney audiophiles crave and desire...
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    WDW Boardwalk play list loop(s)

    Hi all, I need some help ... I was able to obtain the play list for the loop/s(?) that are played in the lobby and outside at the WDW Boardwalk. To make a long story short ... The Guest Service Lobby manager at the BW befriended my family because we were/are from New Orleans area and he had...
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    Disney Cruise Line audio

    Hey friends, Can you tell me what type of audio files do you have in regard to Disney Cruise Line ? Thanks so much! -Chuck
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    Hey check this Dis audio file site out :// :// :// Maybe you can find something you don't have or upload something others...
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    Your "must haves" on the 2007 WDW OA ?

    Greetings to all, We all kinda know what standard WDW tunes will be on the 2007 OA ... but IYHO, what are your "must haves" that should be included in the WDW 2007 OA ? -Chuck
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    OT: help with internet radio stations

    Greetings all, When I try to listen to any internet radio station, no matter what player I use... it plays for 3 seconds then starts to re buffer and then plays for about 6 seconds and re buffers again and over & over again,etc. I'm on $#@%**^_ dial up and have, itunes, aol media, real player...
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    BGM... Which park has the best BGM?

    IYHO ... 1.) Which park do you think has the best "Background Music"? 2.) Which "Attraction" ? 3.) What are your "Top Ten BGM" songs? .... I really dig "Soarin", "Living Seas" & "Tower of Terror"! -Chuck
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    Way OT (final update 5/28/06)

    Hi all... We (me,wife & two cats) survived Hurricane Katrina ... I lost my house, clothes, most Disney Cds & DVDs and everything else. We left with a suitcase each of clothes, all of our photos, two litter boxes and our checkbook. Since we are living like nomads, I have not been able to read...
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    What are the top five must haves from TDL & TDS ?

    Hi, I plan to purchase five or six different titles ... which CD's are essential and should be in my collection (that are still in production) ? Thanks -Chuck
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    Lights Motor Action music

    Hello people, Recently returned from a trip to WDW ... Lights Motors Action was different & excellent. The pre show music was sort of a techno sound .... returned home and watched "National Treasure" and noticed something. The previews have a promo for "Herbie Reloaded(?)" and I realized that...
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    Disney Cruise Line music ???

    Hi, Anyone have the music that plays on the DCL DVD?? Also, I have the DCL CD they send out to Castaway club members but it does not include the "jingle" music they use in the commercials ... Can anyone help? -Chuck
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    OT: Disney Magazine is discountinued

    :( Yep ... couple weeks ago I read (another board) that DM would be cancelled. Hoped that it was rumor .... however, my Summer 2005 issue (Disneyland 50th collectors edition) arrived with a paper cover reading " Please Read" ... It stated that DM was ceasing publication after careful review...
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    Possible release date for WDW 2 disc set?

    Just guessing .... if I recall correctly, I remember the OA being released around Oct. or Nov. ... anyone have an idea as to when the WDW OA 2 cd set will be released this year. I think Randy Thornton has his hands full with the 3 different DL 50th cd(s) set(s) ... just wondering when he has...
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    OT ... Bambi ... Widescreen?

    Greetings, Was Bambi released in the Widescreen Format? I can located only the Fullscreen version via brick & motar and online.... Thanks in advance! Enjoy life, Chuck
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    OT ... WDW DVDs

    Hi folks, Does someone know how many PARK DVDs are available @ WDW? If so, can you list them and if you have them, their SKU's? Thanks for your help and time. Enjoy life, Chuck
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    Anyone want to guess about the WDW OA(s)?

    Happy Mardi Gras to all, Anyone want to guess what might be included on the WDW OA (hopefully a double album or discs for each park)? Besides the standards (HM, Splash,etc.), do you think it will also contain music from the past or just current attraction/show music? Chuck
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    "Welcome" ... which version for the celebration?

    Hi, Anyone know which version of "Welcome" will be used for the celebration ... P. Collins, Jump5 or a new version? Thanks, Chuck