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    "Always" from Stitch has a Glitch

    Anyone know where to find the english lyrics to this song? Thanks!
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    Main Street 77' LP

    I'm looking to obtain a copy of the 77' LP version of the Electrical Parade from WDW. Does anyone have this in mp3? Thanks. ???
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    Main Street Electrical Light Parade 1977

    I'm trying to find an mp3 of this with the Mickey Mouse March ending. I own it but don't have the means of getting into mp3. If anyone has it in mp3, please let me know. Thanks. -Jonathan
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    Main Street Electrical Parade

    Hey guys! I was trying to find the original opening introduction to MSEP from Walt Disney World, with the Walt Disney World Proudly Presents and not the Magic Kingdom version. I'm looking for a near CD quality sound of just the intro for a complication of MSEP I'm trying to put together. Any...