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    IllumiNations with Holiday Tag

    I am surprised nobody has posted anything about the new holiday tag for IllumiNations? Reflections of Earth?. Until the end of the year they are performing the standard ROE show with the Walter Kronkite and Harlem Boys Choir performance of ?Let There Be Peace On Earth?. That?s right; remember...
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    electrical water pageant @ WDW

    Greetings! You are correct.....many barges are missing from the Electrical Water Pageant. The three hurricanes we received in the late summer took a toll on the Electrical Water Pageant. The pageant was down for about two weeks, they worked feverishly just to get one set of barges out for a...
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    Tapestry of Nations at the 2000 Super Bowl

    Rick, The closest release to the Millenium Super Bowl Half-time spectacular is the Energizer Millenium sample CD. This CD was a free gift when Energizer batteries were purchased. It is a 17 minute track and includes a taste of all the Millenium music written by Galvin Greenway. It is pretty...
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    iPod and Disney music

    Thand you for all your input. I just want to make sure I am making the right decision about purchasing one. If you can think of anything else please let me know. Thanks! Parker
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    iPod and Disney music

    I need your input if you have knowledge about the iPod and our Disney music. I have 2 Sony megga players that hold 400 CD's and I feel that they are so out dated now. I just got a new computer so I am up to date on that but what if I got an iPod to replace my megga CD players. 1. What...
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    "Remember the Magic" question

    Tommy, Yes there is a version that was recently released in Tokyo for the fianle of their 20th Anniversary Celebreation. It starts out in Japenese but it's mainly in Emglish. It is my favorie version of "Remember the Magic". I will touch base with you at work. Take care! Parker
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    cdjapan TROUBLE!!!!!

    Howdy, Over the past month or so I have been unable to search and locate Tokyo Disney Resort cd's on cdjapan's site. I finally wrote an e-mail to cdjapan and they responed with the below statement. Their English web page no longer has TDL music on there. Does anyone know what is going on...