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    DL 6 CD collector set with Gold LP

    I have a 6cd set up for sale on eaby. still sealed. Greetings to all here. Jeff
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    OT - Unholy Matrimony: Disney Welcomes Hooters Downtown?

    Unholy Matrimony: Disney Welcomes Hooters Downtown? _____________________________________ NY: In what may signal Bob Iger?s boldest move yet, it was rumored late Friday that the famous Hooters restaurant chain had signed for a franchise location at Downtown Disney Orlando. Long known for its...
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    Frank Thomas - Obit from LA Times -One of Disney's 'Nine Old Men'

    OBITUARIES Frank Thomas, 92; One of Disney's 'Nine Old Men' By Charles Solomon, Special to The Times Frank Thomas, one of the celebrated "Nine Old Men" of Disney animation whose work set the standards by which all character animation is judged, died quietly at his home in La Ca?ada...
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    If HOTR is a run away hit, does it help or hurt?

    After reading the thoughtful comments here below about the soundtrack, I raise the Question above. If Home on the range is a hit, does it help Eisner? If it makes as much as the former Menken productions what then? Does it protect him or Disney from Comcast? Do we the enthusiasts, want...
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    A Shameless "me too" - Narnia Deals with Disney

    Within hours after LOTR swept the Oscars, the ever creative WDCo comes out with a 2 page color spread in the LA Times heralding "The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe". Nice to see they are on the cutting edge of bottom feeders that are...
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    Adv. : A Disney Hard Drive for sale on ebay

    I have a 40 GB HD for sale on ebay with some interesting stuff on it. If any are interested,, Jeff
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    OT - Goodbye Captain .. Oh My Captain

    I just have to say my goodbye to a piece of my childhood. My friend has died. Bob Keeshan - 'Captain Kangaroo' Dies at 76 I have my first memories of this show, in Black and White. I was the generation before Sesame Street and after MMClub.. Early 60s, contemparary of John John. Bob...
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    Hey Disney Bean Counter!

    Are you still out there? No weighing on the Eisner vs Roy war? (I hate it when the "legends" around here fall off... Jeff
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    OT-A Safer Magic Kingdom Op/Ed - LA Times

    December 6, 2003 EDITORIAL A Safer Magic Kingdom Times Headlines Learning that sloppy roller-coaster maintenance at Disneyland caused Marcelo Torres' death won't bring about a Disney-style happy ending for the 22-year-old man's family. But because the state finally has some...
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    Disney's Snow White ? An Enchanting Musical

    Snow White to star again From the OC Register (some good news for us long suffering DL'rs) A new live musical will debut Feb. 22 in Disneyland's Fantasyland Theatre. "Disney's Snow White ? An Enchanting Musical," a 28-minute adaptation of Disney's 1937 animated film, will feature many of...
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    Grin and BEAR it ... BROTHER here is my review

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    New Music at 20th Century in DL

    [attachment deleted by admin]
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    My own HM and POTC remixes

    Ive posted a couple tracks over at alt.binaries.multimedia.disney that I patched together on sound forge for a special cd I made for my sister. One is from the HM and the other is a Pirates mix. Comments are appreciated. Jeff in Orange County less than 3 weeks to my Magical Gatherin" at WDW!
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    Pirates (movie)

    Disney Comes of Age With PG-13 Rating for 'Pirates' The family-focused studio yields to teens' appetite for grown-up content. Disney Comes of Age With PG-13 Rating for 'Pirates' By Claudia Eller, Times Staff Writer Producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who's built a career on...
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    New Trailer for next fully animated MP, "Brother Bear", link here.

    New Trailer for next fully animated Motion Picture, "Brother Bear", Music by Phil Collins. Info here and on "home on the range".
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    OT/ Disney To Sell Angels ..Not Victoria's Secret, the MLB Team!

    A couple of Very good articles from todays LA Times. The sell gives us all butterflies. I hope the team can manage. Memo to The Mighty Ducks: I know you are 1 game from sweeping last years defending champs, but if you win you could be next! ;) Jeff _________________________________ Major League...
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    OT- Why TWDCo Needs to "reanimate" Animation

    From LP.. A well written article about the poor animation department. Didn't want you folks over here to miss it. ....................... Jim Miles talks about what went wrong with Disney's animation division and how to get it back on track. Pink Elephants on Parade: Intoxicating Analysis and...
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    Help! I need a Mp3 Organizer!

    I have been in a download frenzy since the Napster days. I had no storage on my hard drive so I just burn them off in storage cd's Now I am loading them all up on my new computer w 160 GB) and I find that I am sifting through 1000s of Mp3's (some repeatedly) Is there a program that sorts them...