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    Mickey Mouse Club records commercial

    I found this fun little clip on an Original Mickey Mouse Club fan site. It's an old commercial from 1956 of Annette and Jimmie Dodd promoting the original series of Mickey Mouse Club records.
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    Re: "Westward Ho, the Wagons!" soundtrack

    I recently purchased the "Westward Ho, the Wagons!" soundtrack album from iTunes. It sounds great. However I did notice an error in the track listings. Side One of the album, Tracks 1 to 7, contain excerpts from the film soundtrack itself, conducted by George Bruns, while Camarata conducted the...
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    The Ballad of Davy Crockett by the Wellingtons

    I'm a little confused about something. In the new Walt Disney Archive Collection Volume 1 the first track is The Ballad of Davy Crockett by the Wellingtons. However, in all other previous Disney collections with this track the singers are listed as the Mellomen. It definitely sounds more like...