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    DAK - Asia BGM

    Recently identified the first track from Fudgie's recorded Asia BGM loop as "Sabilulungan" by Suara Parahiangan Group (Sundanese Music Of West Java Vol 2). There is another gamelan degung track around 29:30 in that same loop, but is not on the Sundanese Vol 2 CD. Would appreciate any help in...
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    The inimitable Sonny Eclipse

    Hey, folks! A couple years back I managed to get a decent live recording of part of the Sonny Eclipse show at WDW's Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland. The restaurant was closed and the crew was cleaning up for the night, but the CM's were kind enough to let me in to record what I...
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    Disney Parks Tribute internet radio station

    I spoke with Trent prior to posting this to make sure it was appropriate to this forum and he agreed it would be fine. I want to invite everyone to check out my Disney Parks Tribute internet radio station via Streamer. I play music and clips from all the Disney parks including Epcot...