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    Tokyo Disney Resort 35th Anniversary Box Set

    Guys, does this 12 cd set exist? I find it odd its only available via this one website.
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    World's Fair CD Set UPDATE

    You can currently pre-order this at Here's the link World's Fair CD Set
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    OT (sorta) Light Magic Video

    Disneyguy, If you ever get the tape to mp3, let me know. I would love to get the full version of the soundtrack. Thanks!
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    OT (sorta) Light Magic Video

    Thanks for the post. Anyone know if a complete version of the Light Magic soundtrack exist anywhere? I love the music from the parade
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    "Always" from Stitch has a Glitch

    Anyone know where to find the english lyrics to this song? Thanks!
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    To Randy- Could you please shed some light on the ?Parade of Dreams?

    Randy, Can you please give us an update on the possible CD release of this parade? I just returned from my homecoming to DL and have to say that this is the best parade music. I shed a tear here's walt's speech mixed into the "Welcome." Please release this music in some kind of way!!!! Thanks...
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    Ordering "A Musical History of Disneyland"

    Got mine today as well #746. It's truely I great set. Thanks so much Randy so all your great work as well as your co-workers. Within minutes, I was crying. I can't wait for my trip this August! Thanks so much!! And much thanks to Walt, may he continue to inspire others to dream!
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    A Musical History of Disneyland: The Facts

    Re:A Musical History of Disneyland ? The Facts Randy, Why was the Electrical Parade not given a full re-mixed track that included all the floats presented in the parade through the years? Will ever such a mix be present anytime soon? Thanks for your great work on the set! Cant wait to enjoy...
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    A Musical History of Disneyland - IMPORTANT NEWS!!

    Randy- Thanks for the great job you and your co-workers do. You have gone above and beyond in making sure everyone gets an equal share for your work. I only hope everything goes smooth for the 50th collectables that go onsale, this coming week. -Jonathan
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    Ordering "A Musical History of Disneyland"

    McStennson, This is very reminisent of the Pirates CD mess. I remember that very well. Disneyland though did handle that very well as I did get my limited CD! :)
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    Ordering "A Musical History of Disneyland"

    Just called the automated number for order status and it stated would be shipped within 2 business days!!!! Woo-hoo!!! Guess we'll all see. Perhaps dreams do come true ;)
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    Ordering "A Musical History of Disneyland"

    I agree jmu. I feel they should be limited to one per household. This would better everyones chances of getting these great items.
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    Ordering "A Musical History of Disneyland"

    A little topic change for a min, anyone gotten the order numbers for the Mark 1 Monorails that supposedly go onsale next week? ;D I want that blue one!! hehe
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    Ordering "A Musical History of Disneyland"

    i just placed my order!! No questions, here's hoping for that vinyl. Thanks so much, Randy!!
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    Disneyland 50th Cd set revealed!!!!!!!!!!!kinda...

    Hey Randy! Thanks for your great work on the albumns you produce. As a huge fan of the Electrical Parade, is there any chance of having all the different verisons put together into one big track any time soon? Thanks for your input. -Jonathan D.
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    WDW Official Album 2004 and a bit more.

    Randy, When will we see PhilarMagic on an offical album?? Thanks for your great cds!! Can't wait til next year! -Disneyboi81
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    2004 Official Album Now Available

    Anyone have the SKU#? WDWMailorder doesn't show the CD being released, they only show last years release. Thanks for the help!
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    2004 Official Album Now Available

    Anyone know the UPC#? Mail order couldn't find it for me :(
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    Re:WISHES fireworks CD NOT coming...unless has 2 mp3 files available from the beginning portion of the show. That only means a full version soundtrack extist somewhere.
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    Main Street 77' LP

    I'm looking to obtain a copy of the 77' LP version of the Electrical Parade from WDW. Does anyone have this in mp3? Thanks. ???