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    If you could choose ONE unreleased Disney song to get on CD for Christmas...

    I've got a short low quality snippet of the song "one big Happy family" from Disneylands 25th birthday, I'd love to hear the full version. here's what I know of it: "One big happy family, joined in harmony One big happy Family from sea to shining sea Join hands at Disneyland and join the...
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    Tomorrowland People Mover/Subtractive Synthesis record

    If these folks are Disney parks fans (as seems likely) then not only do the track titles you listed relate to Disney but perhaps "Uncle Dick" refers to dick Nunnis (A stretch I know but that was my first impression looking at the list)
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    We've Just Begun to Dream

    thanks innoventions east! you guys inspire me! heres the text of the Jack Wagner version the opening verses you list are new to me i'd love to hear a file with them in it in the morning opening version these verses are not sung instead the music begins and build for about 58-60 seconds before...
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    We've Just Begun to Dream

    I am not sure what version of we've just begun the dream you heard. I have two versions one is is the one I imagine was used on opening day that includes naration "good morning and welcome to EPCOT center..."ect I believe the narator is Jack Wagner. I don't know but it seems likely it could have...
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    A GAP finally filled!!! Pressler is gone!

    SF Mike, Although I doubt if many people were happier than I to hear that Eisner is finally gone from the parks division I think you were wrong about one thing. You see actually Pressler was at the helm of the Disney stores during thier greatest growth you could argue that when he was in...
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    Ford "Magic Skyway" song???

    Although Ford did not opt to sponser this attraction or any other at Disneyland, and although the Cavemen animations were deemed to be too primitive to be worth saving. The Dinosaurs were not quite the only things to be taken from this exibit. In the building of the system of conveyers and...
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    Actually I got dropped from the mailings back in March. I've looked around the site a few times to see if I could find instructuions on how to re-subscribe but I have not found them yet.
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    Country Bear Vacation Hoedown

    One funny little side note to the possibillity of the Vacation Hoedown going into the rotation at WDW is that for years pictures from the Disneyland Vacation Hoedown have been used in WDW souvenir books (both hardcover and softcover versions) to represent the Magic Kingdoms CBJ there was even a...
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    Hi Sharon , I think I may have a p[artial answer to yoour question below. Some of the former posters to this group simply may not be recieving it anymore if theay (as I did) were subscribed to the group via email (in my cse as a daily digest of posts) perhaps they were dropped at the same...
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    subscribing to this list

    Hi all, I had subscribed to this list for some time, by email. Recieving it on a daily basis as a digest. Some time in the spring it stopped arriving. I miss getting it. I looked around the site a few weeks after it stoped arriving but could not find the information on how to subscribe by...