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    Park Composer Credits

    I recently found out who did the actual Epcot Entrance loop. The name "Woods" is misspelled in the official album, actually it is Steve Wood who is credited (on ASCAP) with Daniel May for writing "Legacy"... He also states on his website having written music for Epcot, sadly he provides no...
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    Disney Parks Official Album Releases — No More?

    I agree with Paul, quite a "large" amount of new tracks and overall a fine compilation. I especially like the bgm tracks from the toy story area, since these are also used in toy story playland area at disneyland paris. Only one thing is IMHO quite embarassing: Some tracks like Flitterin, GreAT...
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    Blue Lagoon Restaurant [DLRP]

    Yes, and since this sounds too good to be true, i would really like to know whether this is real or a fan-made thing by a really talented cover designer... Before i call dlrp mail order department :)
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    Blue Lagoon Restaurant [DLRP]

    Is this a real cd available at dlrp or a fan-made?
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    Re-Recordings of Classic Disney Scores for Storyteller Records

    I just listened to the Storyette version of Pinocchio which is on US iTunes: Pinocchio (Storyette) and while the longer storyteller version has the original songs from the movie the shorter "storyette" version has parts of the original score, but they seem to be re-recorded with real musicians...
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    Tokyo Disney Resort - Happiness (12-CD box set)

    Is anybody able to identify a link to the actual album on the site mentioned above? I still dont see any information whatsoever regarding the content of the cd...
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    The Circle Sessions: The Music of Carthay Circle Available on November 7

    There is a second volume to be released on June 4 There aren't any sound samples online yet, but I guess these are the piano-only renditions of the songs...? The Circle Sessions: Piano Performances from Carthay Circle Bill Cantos :cd-na: [sp]...
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    Disney Parks Official Album Releases — No More?

    i also prefer physical cds over digital-only releases - but if Disney chooses to release more of its park music as downloads i still would prefer the digital files instead of having nothing at all (or some lousy recording i did myself in the park aiming my camcorder at the loudspeaker ;))
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    Disney Parks Official Album Releases — No More?

    Pleased to see another classic Theme Park album made available through US Amazon... Pirates of the Carribbean... I really hope this is the start of a series of new and old theme park music releases on online stores...
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    Disney Parks Official Album Releases — No More?

    I think the fact that Disney recently put two releases on itunes (The Haunted Mansion 40th Anniversary and The Circle Sessions) shows that there is something going on in this area. I really hope a lot of people use this legal possibility to get those jazzy arrangements of Disney tunes. (Sad the...
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    Interesting insights, Soundman, thanks a lot! concerning the potc stuff i think chances are good that they were recorded already in stereo - take for example the early "yoho demo song" track on the first potc anniversary cd: even this was recorded stereo (or multitrack)... whether the music...
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    [Merged topic "BGM - Does It Exist in Stereo?" starts here. —Admin] I was wondering if the tracks Disney recorded especially for the old area bgms were originally produced in stereo... The tracks from the old Main Street loop ("Flitterin´ for example) did appear on severalofficial albums only...
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    DLRP Disney Clothiers BGM

    looking forward to your results, eyore... i looked the song up on itunes, there are quite a few albums that have this song and some other turn-of-the-century songs that sound like tunes from this loop (arrangements for violin and piano). I wonder if this loop is completely needle-drop...
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    DLRP Disney Clothiers BGM

    Edit: I found the Blackstone tune - Track 20 on The Maiden's Prayer: Leaves from Grandmother's Piano Album. But i´m not sure if this is the version played in the DLRP Loop... If somebody has by chance a live-recording of this bgm perharps he could do a comparison...
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    DLRP Disney Clothiers BGM

    During my last visit in March there was a seperate loop playing at Disney Clothiers Boutique (located on the right side of Main Street) - These were some classic waltz and ballad tunes played by piano, cello and violin. Sadly i don´t know these quite familiar tunes by name. One of the tunes was...
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    Speed Changes to Loop Music

    As you say, eyore, there seem to be only artistic reasons for this (for example, if the track follows a track that is very fast, i would consider speeding up the second track, so the transition would be more smooth)... I only can think of one other reason: It was done by mistake... Perharps...
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    Tokyo Disney Resort 12-CD Box "Dream" Release

    Could one of the lucky owners of this set tell me more about the "Microadventure" track? Is it the complete soundtrack for the japanese version of "Honey i shrunk the Audience" version or is it a music-only track (from the score by Broughton)? Thanx in advance ebbelein
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    CinéMagique [DLRP]

    to clear things up a bit: The cinemagique score uses some snippets from famous movie scores (Star Wars etc.), which Broughton integrated masterfully in the soundtrack... But he also wrote a OWN theme for the attraction, which - at the beginning - SOUNDS a bit like the Umbrellas of Cherbourg...