Track 22, "Sweet Violet," has gone M.I.A. as of sometime in 2021. Why or how, we haven't a clue. "Strange things are afoot at the Circle K!"
I found Track 80! :)

80. Hawaiian Vamp 2:10
Webley Edwards and the Hawaii Calls Orchestra
Hawaiian Strings: Favorite Instrumentals Volume 3

Disney likely ripped this track from Capitol's 1959 LP Hawaiian Strings (ST-1152, vinyl). In addition to the rare, out-of-print CD from EMI Music Japan (UPC 4988006780422) that I'm linking to here, this track recently became available (June 12, 2015) as an Amazon MP3  UK for persons residing in the UK.

All 82 tracks have now been accounted for! (y)

And it only took me 5.5 years to finish this playlist! ;)