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    Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated...

    Hey! :o I wish I could have gotten to some of the meetings while I was out there, but it was crazy since I was working two full-time jobs! (both at Point Defiance Zoo - THAT was a commute and a half! - and at Half Price Books... where I sorely miss having cheap books easily available :o)
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    Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated...

    LMAO! So I've heard! I've actually gotten an e-mail from WDW Guest Relations a few years back saying "thanks, we direct guests there quite often." :blink:
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    Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated...

    Hey all! Long time, no type! In short, life got crazy. And by crazy, I mean, off the wall insane. Last year I moved back to Orlando to go running back to the Mouse, and have been going non-stop ever since! (would you believe that, as soon as I started work last winter, I was scheduled no...
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    Disney Music Loops website

    Just an update here - still no resolution on the server issue, so I'm starting to look around for some other place to host it.
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    Disneyland: The First Fifty Years Lobby BGM

    Sorry about this one! Little update on the situation here: the site is currently stored on a server at a friend's house, and after many years of faithful service, said server is finally kicking the bucket. There's some work being done now to move stuff over to a new one (shared server *sniff)...
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    Disneyland NEW Soundtrack

    I was thinking that, too. I just saw that souvenir book yesterday being sold at the warehouse outlet here in Seattle. :p
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    Holiday Esplanade Loop

    Oooh, thanks for the information, everyone! Do you mind if I add this to my site? (I'm slowly catching up on updating!)
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    RIP Basil Poledouris

    That is such a shame. :( His "Free Willy" score has always been one of my favorites - when I was young I used to put that CD in, put my headphones on and just listen to it for hours. It inspired my imagination so much...
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    SeaWorld 'Believe' Soundtrack

    I think the Believe one ran around $16-17-ish - my friend who got a copy for me said it ran her like $15.50 with her passholder discount. That's actually considerably more than most SeaWorld CDs have run. CDs like Cirque de la Mer have been $10.
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    Holiday Esplanade Loop

    I remember hearing that esplanade loop last year, too, but unfortunately was never able to get ahold of a full list. :( I do remember hearing a few non-Christmas songs in there, though - I remember laughing at how out of place they were. I'm pretty sure one of them was from Parade of Dreams...
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    SeaWorld 'Believe' Soundtrack

    I second Dr. Know's recommendation! Absolutely fantastic CD. I've been listening to this one constantly! From what I hear from a friend, "Black and White" is the basis for the new pre-show, replacing the old (and, IMHO, highly-irritating) penguin bit. I love that song - it's about the only...
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    I believe it's similar to the nature CDs you see at kiosks in department stores - animal sounds mixed with musical recordings. I could be wrong about that, though - that's one I haven't listened to yet.
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    Rainbow Monorail

    "Journey Thru Inner Lincoln"... was that the inspiration for Body Wars? ;D
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    Disney Music Convention November 2006

    To everyone going: HAVE FUN! :D I really wish I could be there with ya. *curses work and not being able to get time off from a new job* Bring us the full report later! :)
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    Balaf?n Marimba Ensemble

    1. Not sure on that one. 2. I definitely have not heard it at Disneyland, at least in recent years! 3. As of the last time I was at DAK in May 2003, I do remember hearing some tracks from Balafon Marimba Ensemble. Not sure if anything's changed since then, though.