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    Contemporary Resort Outdoor Area Music

    The loop was playing the last time we were there. It wasn't up very loud and only played during the daytime.
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    World Showcase Loops

    France, Mexico, China and Norway have all been updated.
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    Playlist Polynesian Resort [Holiday]

    I wonder if the Poly will have a new music loop this year as the hotel has completed it's tranformation.
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    WDW 50th Box Set?

    I think the only thing we are getting music wise is the anniversary playlist on apple music. There is also a possibility that the anniversary anthem "The Magic is Calling" will be released as well as the exit music from Enchantment.
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    WDW 50th Box Set?

    While I'm not sure of a box set I have heard there will be a new official album. I'm sure it will most likely be recycled tracks but hey it's something lol.
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    Playlist Yacht & Beach Club Resorts

    Current Yacht/Beach Club Lobby/Exterior Loop [Removed. Incomplete. See playlist above. —Admin]
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    Playlist Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar [2015]

    If you need help on that loop let me know? I have the playlist.
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    Playlist Contemporary Resort

    Club 33's playlist. [Moved to Playlist Manager. —Admin]
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    Current Liberty Square Area Music

    I can confirm that the original Liberty Square Loop was playing in early December at Magic Kingdom during normal operating hours.
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    Contemporary Resort [Holiday]

    Last year it was just that 1 cd over and over again.
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    Contemporary Resort [Holiday]

    The whole Cd is used in the loop.