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    Disneyland Goes to the World's Fair?

    Best now lists the release date as February 10, 2009. I hope this doesn't turn into another "Disneyland Secrets, Stories and Magic" situation... :-
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    Playlist Impressions de France [Score]

    Re: Help me identify Impressions de France Golden Dreams at DCA always makes me cry... :oops:
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    Kids of the Kingdom Disneyland LP Question

    Ned- That was awesome! Thanks for posting that great info from a former "Kid". It would be fun to see this cheery group reunite after 40 years... The Mousketeers did it at Disneyland for their 50th so why cant the Kids reunite for their 40th? I'm so glad I asked about this album... I have...
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    Kids of the Kingdom Disneyland LP Question

    Thanks for the awesome information everyone! Too bad there isn't this kind of fun entertainment at the parks today... And I'd love to hear a Disneyland version of "This Land Is Your Land" I'll have to find a copy of Disneyland Showtime!
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    Kids of the Kingdom Disneyland LP Question

    Hi- I just found a Disneyland album on ebay and was hoping you Disney Record experts could give me some info. Who were the Kids of the Kingdom? Is this really a Disneyland record and is it rare? I'm starting to collect old Disneyland LP's and am wondering if this is worth adding to the...
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    Kids of the Backyard 'Disneyland is Your Land' (downloads)

    Awesome Tracks Squalls! Thank you! Do you have an unedited copy of "Disneyland is Your Land'? Thanks again for sharing this gem!
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    "Disneyland is Your Land"

    Does anyone have the music of this great old Disneyland show? I would love to hear the original version after hearing the WDW version. THANKS!
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    Rare or unreleased Disneyland 50th Album???

    I LOVE the cover art too! Thats why I'm hoping to be able to buy this album! I just dont know where it's available!
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    Rare or unreleased Disneyland 50th Album???

    I found this great artwork for a Disneyland 50th Album and was wondering if is or has been available for purchase? Anyone have any more info on it?
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    "Disneyland is Your Land" Lyrics or Music?

    After hearing the music to "Disneyworld is Your World", I am curious if anyone out there has info on the show "Disneyland is Your Land?" Was the Music and Lyrics similar? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
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    First 50 Magical Years BGM

    Does anyone know where one can find a copy of the wonderful music that is played in the Lobby of the Opera House for the First 50 Magical Years Exhibit! It is such a great mix and orchistration! Thanks!