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    Playlist Flower & Garden Entrance [2010]

    thx99 submitted a new playlist: Flower & Garden Entrance [2010] Read more about this playlist...
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    Playlist Mickey Avenue

    Looks great!! (y)
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    Deja vu, all over again...

    Deja vu, all over again...
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    WDW Mickey Avenue - Mickey Avenue

    Disney's Hollywood Studios • Mickey Avenue Mickey Avenue Area Music (c. 2001 to Present Day) 01. End Title 5:05 [✄ to ≈4:34] Danny Elfman The Nightmare Before Christmas B000IFRQHC end-title/id201458414?i=201458503 B0013AEKQG 02. Lessons 6:59 [✄ to ≈1:03] Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe...
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    WDW The Land Interior - The Land Interior

    Epcot • Future World The Land Interior Area Music (c. 2005 to Present Day) 01. The Tunnel 1:49 [✄ to ≈1:16] James Newton Howard Dave B000002L1H the-tunnell/id358067000?i=358067016 B003A99FQ8 02. The Double Divide 1:36 [✄ to ≈1:33] Thomas Newman The Horse Whisperer B000006NMX 03. Frank...
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    WDW Echo Lake - Echo Lake

    Disney's Hollywood Studios • Echo Lake Echo Lake Area Music (c. 2005 to Present Day) 01. The Death Hunt 2:23 Charles Gerhardt & National Philharmonic Orchestra Citizen Kane: The Classic Film Scores of Bernard Herrmann B004IY1AO4 death-hunt-from-on-dangerous/id421478393?i=421478507 B004PU8OKE...
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    Leonard Rosenman CD Features Body Wars

    Considering that the masters for Alexander the Great and Combat! were literally found in the trash by Michael Matessino, it's a miracle that this CD even came to be. From the liner notes: "Score-restoration expert Mike Matessino spotted a pile of quarter-inch tapes in a neighbor' s driveway...
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    Bruce Broughton Score: Mickey's Audition

    For posterity's sake, here's the direct link, which remains active:
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    Leonard Rosenman CD Features Body Wars

    This CD is now available to non-Film Music Society members for $29.95 from Screen Archives:
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    Main Street USA Christmas Music

    Thanks for the info, Paul! :D
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    What WDW Peoplemover Pre-1992 Tracks Are These?

    Yes, it's probably "Outdoor Life #3". ;) Edit: The mystery track definitely sounds like it's related to "Outdoor Life #4", in that they both feature xylophone.
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    What WDW Peoplemover Pre-1992 Tracks Are These?

    Great work, [member=wedroy1923]!! I will forever love "Outdoor Life #1" thanks to its inclusion in the loop. :D FWIW, a number of the Capitol Media Music/Ol' Georg tracks can be heard in their entirety (albeit, low-quality) at this site: Not the easiest site to...
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    Silver Spur Steakhouse - Unknown Tracks

    The second one is "Long, Long Ago":
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    Intrada Releases The Last Flight of Noah's Ark Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume 208 Date: 1980 Tracks: 26 Time = 49:27 World premiere of richly melodic Maurice Jarre soundtrack for Charles Jarrott family adventure, presented by Walt Disney Pictures, starring Elliott Gould, Genevieve Bujold...
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    Leonard Rosenman CD Features Body Wars

    Alexander the Great and Other Rare Rosenman Limited to 1000 copies (for audio samples and more information) Tracklisting: Body Wars (1989) 1. Body Wars Theme (3:26) 2. Coming to Get You (1:39) 3. Ready Now (1:04) 4...